Part 3: We Meet Again

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Author's Note:
You finally get in the shoes of the male protagonist! Although I had to start with Annabeth's POV.

Annabeth's POV

"Anne stop dragging me!" Brittany practically screeches as I still continue dragging her. "I was joking about the roof!"

"Come on you big baby, there is only one last flight of stairs." I tease her, still not letting go of her arm. As we climb the stairs, I see the roof access door right at the top. "There it is!"

From what I know, us students can access the rooftop, since the fence is 3 meters high, and it does have benches to sit.

"Finally you can let me go." I smirk, and still continue dragging her until we reach the door. Then I let go of her hand, and turn around. My mischevious grin is probably sending chills down Brittany's spine. "Oh fuck you." She says with a pout, and I laugh.

"I love me as well, now, shall we?" I don't wait for her to respond, I simply open the door and walk outside.

Now this is a place where I should eat my lunch every day. A good view, its warm up here and no people! "Britt, this is our ideal spot,

"He must be up here." Britt says, walking to the center of the rooftop, looking around. "Someone's there, is it him?" She points to a bench set really far from the access door, and you have to really look for the bench.

There is some guy, looking like he is chilling real hard- and what a coincidence! He is the dude who I stood up for.

Brittany can be smart when she uses her brain, but the problem is that she has like 2 brain cells.

"Britt, this is the only time I'll allow you to be smart, got it?" I mutter under my breath before making my way to the guy.

Britt's footsteps followed mine, and you can tell that the atmosphere is tense. I mean, I'm actually going to talk to someone whose existence became known to me a few hours ago. Plus, I stood up for him.

Upon reaching him, it looks like he is sleeping. He is probably skipping class after what happened... we should leave him be.

"Anne, he is sleeping, I think we should-"

"I'm not." And the dude's eyes slowly open.

His voice startled both of us, making us scream at the top of our lungs. Britt hid behind me. The sight would be weird, especially since she is a bit taller than me. Basically she can see over the top of my head.

Did I forget to mention that this guy is actually way more beautiful than any other dudes I've seen?

Sure, he has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, pretty simple. But the difference between him and the other guys is that the others are jerks, and this guy looks like a silent type.

???'s POV

I'm kind of glad to see that it's those 2 girls from earlier. I do clearly remember the blonde one using her power to trip some guy who was bothered by my existence.

Really surprising, considering that I have no power. I didn't get my power through years, and I didn't inherit it at birth.

"Sorry for bothering you." The redhead says quietly. "We were looking for you to see if you're okay."

"I'm okay, it's nothing new really... I'm used to it." I try to assure them that I'm fine, it doesn't seem to work for the blonde one.

She sighs. "You know, you should stop lying... if you're feeling down, you can tell us." She walks to the bench I'm sitting on, and takes her seat. "I might be a bit of a jerk, but I'm not heartless."

Is this relaxation I'm feeling? This girl who is now the talk of the school, dubbed as "The Heroine" is just an ordinary person. I thought she did what she did for attention and to get some followers.

"Is rank really everything?" There, dropped the question. She frowns, and crosses her arms. "I don't understand the logic behind it."

I either triggered her with the question, or she is triggered by the entire school. I wouldn't judge her if she already hates this place from the bottom of her soul.

"The ranks are actually in my top 100 reasons why I hate school, my poor level of 5.2 can even be the queen if I wanted." She says, sounding annoyed. I now know that she hates ranks, great.

We're in the same boat.

"Are you sure?" I say, and apparently her friend asked the question at the same time. "I heard her level is 6.1 or something."

The blonde fixes her hoodie's sleeves and thinks for a moment. She then opens her mouth to speak.

"I don't know the level of the dude I wiped the floor with, if his level is higher, I'm sure I can beat the queen." If only she knew that the dude she beat is from my class, and by looking at his student ID, you would know his level is 4.4. "Plus, the words 'king' and 'queen' don't matter anymore, this is the 21st century, and we're not in the United Kingdom. I bet beating them to the ground is eady." She fnishes. Her friend is trying to keep herself from laughing at the statement.

She is smart, doesn't like anyone shitting over her, and has a strong sense of justice. Now that's a person I would like to hang out with!

"We're literally talking without introducing ourselves, sorry to intrude." The redhead says, sounding like she just discovered humans breath oxygen.

"Well ladies, Preston from class 2-1 at your service." I say with a slight smile. Even if I'm an outcast, I still have manners.

"We're the newbies, I'm Annabeth and this hyena, who is my dumbo by the way, is Brittany." The blonde introduces herself and her friend.

"I'm NOT!" Brittany hollers, making Annabeth laugh evilly. "You're mean!"

"Aww thanks." Annabeth says before bursting into a laughing fit, earning a snort from both me and Brittany.

Endearing traits, someone would say.

These girls sure are different from other people in this school. I can relate to their kind of friendship, as my friends and I were the same. But I'm actually alone right now, my friends all went to more strict schools, so we don't talk very often.

These two are actually worth of the status as my friends. They're the only reason I might actually look foward to coming to school.

Author's note:
I know I didn't show Preston's picture in this chapter. His pic is coming with Part 4. I dunno when I'm going to upload that one, so I can just say soon.

I also just realized that my story is really similar to a WebToon comic by the name of 'UnOrdinary'. Be sure to check it out if you're interested!

Fun fact time:
-I made Annabeth a little different from other female protagonists you see in other WattPad books. They're all mostly the same with death of a loved one leading to a dysfunctional family, so I went with a different approach to her family. Since her father, despite being drunk and fighting with her mom, still loved his family. He would want them to be happy, so Annabeth learned that by being depressed, she is going against her father's wish. So she just sucked it up, and tried to make everyone comfortable and happy. That way she knows she fulfilled her father's wish, to smile, and to be happy. It might just make the world a better place.

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