Harry awoke with an expected hangover the next day. He spent the whole day grumbling with no reminisce of the night before. He couldn't remember getting into a fight, and he didn't remember when he asked me to touch his scars. He was merely hiding a fragment of his personality within his intoxication. But I think everyone was like that.

We weren't talking that much over the weekend. Not because we were mad, we just had nothing to talk about. We didn't even kiss, and it was tiring. It reminded me how much I disliked him as a person, just the way he spoke in such a misogynistic manner and how he was so impolite. He was definitely not the type of person I'd ever want to be around, but I still sympathised for him. Sometimes we could get along, we could even laugh; but there was still something missing. And even if there was any chance of finding that missing piece, it would be crossing Harry's boundaries.

I was sat in English class as we swiftly got out our books, Harry being late as he entered a few minute after. Mrs Valentine raised her perfectly shaped brows at his arrival, and rolled her crystal blue eyes. "Harry, if you're so willing to make your lateness reoccur every lesson then maybe you're willing to be the role of Mr Darcy as we read chapter thirty-four."

"No thanks."

I widened my stare at his refusal, and a few others did also as Mrs Valentine had a slight smirk. "Excuse me?"

"No thanks."

"I heard what you said," She bit. "I just pretended not to, so you could reply with a better answer."

"I'm not reading to the class-"

"Then leave." She instructed.

Harry tiredly exhaled and finally opened the book to chapter thirty-four. Mrs Valentine smirked for the second time, and began reading the chapter aloud. I knew Harry wouldn't be that much of a dick.

After a minute or so, it was Harry's turn to read. Elizabeth had just received a visit from Mr Darcy, and Harry's acting skills were about to come in. "In vain have I struggled-"

"God, no," She interrupted bitterly. "Put a lot more expression into it. This is my favourite part of the book, don't ruin it."

"Not everyone can act." Harry argued, testing her patience.

"But everyone can try. And you, Harry- are not trying."

He rolled his eyes and started the line again. "In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed," I gently brought my head from the novel as I gazed mesmerisingly at Harry's lips while he softly spoke. "You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."

Mrs Valentine continued reading, and she took it upon herself to be the role of Elizabeth as she spoke her part. I oddly didn't like the way her voice sounded with Harry's- how they conversed with love.

I didn't like this chapter.

I looked at Mrs Valentine as she was too busy staring intently into Harry's eyes as she spoke her part. She probably knew it word for word, having read it so many times. But it gave me an discomforting sensation as she wouldn't keep her eyes off of him, in a way that a teacher shouldn't look at their student with so much affection.

Was she showing affection towards him?

I had an unsettling feeling in my stomach this whole lesson, and I was glad that it was over. I was first to stumble toward Harry, and he snapped a confused stare my way. "Why are you standing by me?"

I felt rather offended but shook it off anyways. "Harry, I need to talk to you about something extremely important."

Harry immediately grasped my arm and pulled me aside where no one could hear. "Have you used your body wand?"

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