Part 2

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I woke up to the sun coming through the windows and directly into my eyes. I looked over at my Mom who looked pretty tired driving all this way I just hope we wouldn't be too far away.

I grabbed my phone out of the console besides me and opened it up to see it was 1pm. Wow I slept for a long time. I looked back at the backseats to see Millie on the middle seat also sleeping. "How much longer now?" I looked over at my mom who was taking a sip out of her water bottle. She then put the cap on it and placed it in between her legs. "Not long now maybe, let's say 40 minutes" She answered more of a question as she wasn't really sure approximately how much long it would take to get to the new house.

I grabbed my speaker that was out of my small backpack and connected it to my phone. "Hey Mom, can I play my music for the rest of the drive?" I opened up Spotify knowing she would most likely say yes. "Sure honey." I went onto my everyday playlist and star the playing the music.

My everyday list was quite explicit but it didn't seem to bother my mom as she hears my music almost everyday and is used to it.

"🎶 and I'm pulling up with an emo chick that's broken this that college drop out music everyday leg she be too thick and my friends are all annoying but they go dumb yeah we go stupid🎶" I sang as I was just vibing to my music and I think my Mom was quite enjoying it too.

"Can you turn the music down a bit, we're almost there" I heard my Mom say something but I couldn't really understand her. I clicked my music off and looked at her. "sorry what did you say" I continued to put my speaker in my bag and then I grabbed Millie out the back and put her on my lap. "I said we're almost here" I looked out the window to see nice, not too big, not too small modern day houses. They looked really nice and cosy. Hopefully we would have something a little like this because my mom hasn't even shown me what it looked like she just said it was close to the beach.

I continued to pat Millie as she was looking out the window. "And we're here" I looked out the window to see a mainly white two-story house with many windows. The front yard wasn't too big there was a patch of grass, a few nicely cut bushes and the driveway. "It's beautiful" I told my mom as I continued to look at it.

I grabbed Millie by the leash and we hopped out of the car and went to the back of it. "Okay so first we are going to bring all of our bags to the front door and then we will unlock and bring them all in. But the truck removals won't be here until tomorrow."

We stared grabbing out all the bags starting from the heaviest to the least and we're done in around 10 minutes. I waited at three side of the door while Mom searched her pocket for the key which she thankfully found. Mom was unlocking the door as I waited behind her with Millie.

Mom walked in holding the door for both Millie and I. When we got in, it opened up to a beautiful open living area of the Lounge room, kitchen and dining room. The kitchen had a white marble island bench and it had very beachy vibes to it.

We brought all the bags into the lounge room. "Where's my room?" I looked over at my mom who was bringing the last bag in. "You can choose whatever one but the one at the very back of the house because that is mine. "Okay"

I ran up the brown wood stairs and looked around. I opened one door which was the closest to the stairs which opened up to a bathroom which was definitely not a bedroom.

I continued searching for a while looking at each room and then I opened the door to the very last one which was my absolute favourite.

It had a floor to ceiling window that looked out to the front yard and was massive. It also had an ensuite that was connected to the walls and a normal sized wardrobe.

I heard footsteps and turned around to see my mom. "I knew you would pick this one" I smiled at her and looked down in her right hand to see an envelope.

"Listen honey we need to talk" I looked up at her and she had a serious look in her eyes. "Okay" she motioned me to come down stairs and sit on a chair with her. "Okay, so before we came here I rang your dad to tell him that we were leaving" mom paused as I awaited for her to keep talking. "And it turns out that all this time he has been saving to give you something that he was going to give you for your 21st but obviously he can't do that so he gave it to me to give to you" she handed me the envelope. I opened it up to reveal a small piece of paper. After I read it I realised that my dad had given me $20,000.

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