Chapter 30 - The Navigator Falls

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Without a thought, Jaylina leapt. Her spirit made a flawless arc of light as it sped forward into annihilation. Only her mind moved faster:

This is the Eater of Souls, the terrible and insatiable offspring between the Darkness and the Light. The Underworld. Abomination. And now I too will become its prey. But my child will not go into the unknown alone.

The sheer gravity of the entity drew her essence in. She felt it tugging her life force, stretching thinner her silver cord. Despite the speed at which she was moving, it seemed she drew no closer to this vast entity that was truly a space and time unto itself.

Not far below her, she could see Aiden's soul flailing, struggling in vain to free itself from the great gravitational suction created by this enormous being.

Willing herself faster, she caught up to Aiden and grasped him in her ghostly arms.

Mother, no! You should not have come.

"We will go together, Aiden. We will always stay together."


How many souls and all the history of their lives have passed through this singularity and been lost forever, she wondered. Now she and her child would be next. She tried to tell herself everything was okay, that they would just be part of a greater being, an unfathomable collective. That Aiden's energy would not be wasted. Wasn't this just an inevitable part of existing?

All her life she'd waited to experience this Void. The feeling of nothing. No pain, no worry about what the next day would bring. No more exhaustion from being afraid all the time. But a strange feeling scratched at her like a blister in the back of her throat as she hurdled downward with her child to their deaths. She realized she did not want this. Not anymore. Not for herself, and certainly not for Aiden. She wanted life. She had to fight, to be relentless like the Left Hand of Light, to never ever give up even when everything seemed hopeless.

"Hold me tightly, Aiden," she said.

I will hold you, mother.

Jaylina felt her child's soul merge with her own and the feeling was glorious despite the terror she felt.

She tugged her silver cord, still connected to her body in her own world, wrapped it around her arm. If she willed it, could she stop their descent? Would her cord hold fast against the Eater's gravity?

How strong are the silver threads that tether our souls to our mortal bodies?

Michael had told her once it depended on the strength of the soul. It always depended on the strength of the soul.

I am strong, she thought. For my child, for myself, I am strong Now.

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