Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

After a highly productive day of singing in the church and distributing food to the endearing homeless people, North made her way towards her Maybach car.

She kept smiling to herself thinking about how she'll start her senior year at school tomorrow and let out a light laugh out of sheer excitement as Stefano shot her a weird look. He kept commenting about how different she was, in comparison with her mother. But then again, so did the rest of the world. Meh.

She pulled out my phone from her pocket with diamonds encrusted from Abu Dhabi and a smile immediately brightened up her face, when she saw that she had a new message from Daddy Dearest.

From: Daddy West, 2:03 PM

Yo North! I'm so damn turnt that ya begin yo new year at school tomorrow. Have fun gal. So sorry I'm in Canada, being irrelevant as ever, and turning up the bank balance yo. Love xoxo.

Her father's choice of words never impressed her. However, she typed a sweet reply before sending it.

"Goodbye, honey! Be slutty!" Her mother yelled from her Bentley, the newest edition to their never-ending fleet of expensive cars.

She cringed inwardly as she saw all the guys trying to catch a glimpse of her mother's infamous butt, while their girlfriends gave them disgusted looks. She didn't have the slightest bit of clue why her mom decided to see her off at school.

She sashayed into the corridors of Random High For Rich and soon enough, squealed with delight when she saw her best friend, Beverly East Hills.

They'd been best friends since second grade, confiding in each other when their classmates made fun of their names.

"Oh my God. Beverly Hills!"

"North West, my gal!" She screamed back. They hugged in the most cliché way to hug, because apparently this hug was going to be featured on tomorrow's newspaper. Celebrity kids, you know.

"So, how was your summer?" Bev asked, as they let go of each other.

"Paris. Milan. London. Mars. You know, the usual. And you?"

"Sounds boring. Well, I had an amazing month-long holiday in Bhutan!" She chirped.

"Wow. Exotic!" North exclaimed. She'd heard from Aunt Kylie that Bhutan was really famous. For what, though, she forgot.

The east interested her a whole lot.

Beverly Hills and North chattered for a little while near the champaign fountain - since they're rich and don't drink water unless they had diarrhoea - until Beverly mentioned something that sparked an interest in North.

"So, apparently there's this new foreign exchange student joining school." She said.

"Oh really? Where is he from?" North asked, curious to know.

"Used to live in London. But he's Vietnamese."

"What's his name?"

"Harry, I think. Harry Chan." She answered.

Harry Chan, North thought to herself.

Interesting name, interesting game.

There goes chapter 2.

So, how will Harry Chan look like? Will he have a Vietnamese accent or a British one? Or maybe he has an Indian accent?!

Will he have curly hair or will he have a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead?!




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