Character File #1: Annabeth

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Full Name: Annabeth Drevis (nickname is Anne)
Age: 15-16 (born January 15th 2005)
Height: 165cm (or 5'5)
Elemental Power: Fire
Level: 5.2
Power: Lv. 3/5
Defense: Lv. 5/5
Speed: Lv. 5/5
Luck: Lv 3/5
Portrayed by: Rachell 'Rae' Hofstetter (known as Valkyrae)

Annabeth is your typical moody teenager, but she wasn't always this way. When she and her older brother Cody were younger, they always played video games day and night.

Their parents though... they constantly argued. Nobody is perfect, and the arguments were mostly about work related matters.

Their mother wanted to make a distraction for her children, just so they wouldn't be aware of the screaming matches. So, she asked them what they wanted. Annabeth and Cody said that they wanted video games, since that's what they liked the most.

When Anne was 13, her home life became more stable, the arguments are less frequent, and she became more social.

She found her group of friends, and they did everything that typical teenagers did. But Anne knew that everything good doesn't last very long...

... you guessed it. Her father died to cancer. That's when she realized that life is so short, and that every happy memory shouldn't be taken for granted. She was determined to make everyone happy, and that's her greatest wish.

At age 14, a miracle happened. Annabeth somehow summoned a small flame in her palm. For her entire life, she thought she was powerless, since her brother got his from the moment he came into the world.

Because fire doesn't have much use, she uses it a lot when cooking, and sometimes uses it in the winter when the temperatures are freezing.

Like her older brother, Annabeth was signed up at training center for people who recently got their power. Annabeth learned 3 abilities, and mastered them in a single day.

Her level was narrowed down to 5.2, and she was very happy with the training. Only thing is, she doesn't use her powers at all, and is doing well without them.

The only reason she ever uses them is to put bullies in their place. They always underestimated her because of her height, but she would wipe the floor with their faces when they challenged her.

Annabeth became the moody teenager she is today, after months of the bullies coming at her, just to be knocked back and dealt with by a single Heat Wave. It came to the point she called the ability 'Sissy Wave' or 'Looser Disposer'.

Now that she is in high school, she has a new set of challenges.


Heat Wave (Knock-back type ability)
Special Delivery! (Healing & Speed boost)
Masquerade (Shield)

-I won't reveal everything about her abilities for now. It's actually better if I keep them secret for the sake of the plot.

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