The harbinger

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Ironwoods POV:I watched as Vah rudania fired at vah medoh and its beam shattered its shield and soon rudania shot again hitting medoh's wing causing it to screech and fire back at rudania but soon rudania aimed at the other airships and shot them down and it soon raised its tail and swung it towards medoh and a purplish mass soon landed on medohs and it soon stood up and roared and there it stood...a heaping mass of hatred and the pure hatred itself and it soon grabbed to of my soldiers and ripped them in half and threw there bodies towards me and winter and we rolled out of the way and the bodies slammed into some knights and soon I called for a bullhead to pick us up and they said they will be there in 5 minutes.

Ironwood:Winter! A bullhead is on its way! We need to survive 5 minutes with this thing!

Winter simply nodded and summoned some lancers to attack the beast who simply roared and stopped its foot into the ground sending a wave of purple mass towards us and we jumped out of the wave and it formed spikes were we stood and the beast grabbed the lancers and shattered them after throwing them to the ground. Soon it roared and raised its arms into the air and formed two massive cannons and fired them at us and winter got hit and it shattered her aura instantly and I was hit as well I soon got myself up and helped winter up as the creature soon was hit from a manta in the distance and it turned fired its cannons at them and shot them down but there were 4 sustaining fire on it leaving the bullhead that was sent to pick us up time to nearly land but it was soon destroyed as the beast ripped out a piece of Vah medoh and threw it at the bullhead destroying it and it soon grinned and summon a mace from its arms but soon a green beam hit its face causing it to flinch and desunmoned the mace and form a shield of spikes and I saw where the beam was coming from. It was Penny she flew here to help us and quickly flew down and grabbed us and took off causing the beast to fire at us as we flew towards atlas but soon the beast desummoned it's cannons and return it's hands to normal and walked towards the core of medoh and I heard it screech as it turned purple and started to turn towards us and started to fly towards atlas. After nearly a hour we saw atlas but half of it was in flames and a purplish mass has completely consumed the academy and we soon we landed at the command center and
Everyone was panicking and I saw from cameras from around the city that my troops were fighting against creatures that seem similar to beowolves but made out of that very same stuff the beast they fought on medoh.

Ironwood:What has happened?!

Soon marrow ran to me.

Marrow:Sir! The academy has been completely consumed after some man dressed up as a fortune teller arrived and activated a device which seemed to be powered by the stuff the calamity is made out of! Our forces are spread thin as the stuff seems to be alive and creating these copies of Grimm!

Ironwood:Has our factories released all the knights?!

Marrow:No sir! The factories aren't responding after that man arrived and summoned copies of team rwby and Jnpr!

Soon marrow brought up a recording of the factories video feed of the man summoning what I assume are the copies of team rwby and jnpr to massacre the troops inside the factory

Soon marrow brought up a recording of the factories video feed of the man summoning what I assume are the copies of team rwby and jnpr to massacre the troops inside the factory

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