Chapter 17

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Buddar ran down the hall, towards Shadow. He stopped calling her name and turned at the sound of her footsteps, he smiled mischeviously when he saw her. Buddar stopped, there was something in his smile that made her feel slightly uneasy. "What is it?" She asked him.

Suddenly, Shadow lunged at her. She yelped in surprise as Shadow pinned her to the ground by her wrists. She struggled to get out from under him, but his weight kept her from moving. He leaned down so that their faces were only inches away, his red eyes glowed deviously. "You hid from me, remember?" He whispered, his warm breath hitting her lips. "This is your punishment."

Then he closed the space between them. Buddar's eyes widened in shocked fear. She tried to push Shadow off of her, but he wouldn't budge. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss. Accepting the fact that she wasn't going to get out of this, Buddar closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Shadow. Her heart pounded against her chest in fear, but she resisted the urge to flee.

Finally, Shadow broke away from her, his red eyes were glowing brighter than Buddar had ever seen them before. He slowly stood up, and that's when Buddar stopped resisting her instincts. She jumped up and bolted down the hall, adrenaline giving her extra speed.

"Buddar!" Shadow shouted, chasing after her. "Wait!" But his pleas fell on deaf ears, Buddar was too frightened to listen to him. She raced down the hall and up to the massive front doors, she yanked on the handles, but the doors were stuck. She heard Shadow's footsteps as he raced down the hall, she yanked harder, and the door moved slightly.

"Wait!" Shadow shouted, running into the room. "No! Don't!"

Just as Shadow was about to grab her by the collar of her tunic, Buddar yanked on the door with all her might, and the door opened, allowing sunlight to fill the room. Shadow suddenly screamed in pain, making Buddar jump.

"AUGH!" He shrieked. "CLOSE THE DOOR! IT BURNS!!!"

Buddar quickly closed the door, and the room became dark once again. A few moments of silence passed, then Buddar could hear Shadow quietly sobbing. She glanced over her shoulder, she saw that Shadow had retreated to the darkest corner of the room, and was curled into a small ball with his head in his arms and his knees against his chest. Buddar's fear quickly disappeared, and she slowly walked over to him, then knelt down beside him. "Shadow?" She asked. "What happened? Are you alright?"

He lifted his head to look at her, her eyes widened in horror. Stretched across his face was a massive burn, tears streamed down his face from the excruciating pain. She reached up and gently brushed his cheek with her thumb, he winced in pain at her touch. She could tell the burn was very bad, if only she knew how to help him...

Wait a minute. She thought as an image flashed through her mind. The Poe... The potions shop...

Then an idea clicked in her head. Link. She thought. I have to find Link.

She looked at Shadow. "You need to let me leave," She said. "I know someone who can help you, but I need to go find them."

Shadow shook his head. "No," He whispered shakily. "You're lying, you just want to leave to get away from me."

She shook her head. "I'm telling the truth Shadow," She said. "I only want to help."

Shadow buried his face in his arms. "There might be a book in the library that can tell you how to treat burns..." He said.

Buddar nodded and jumped up. She ran down the hall, past her room, and into the library. She quickly began to search the shelves for something, anything, that could have information on how to help Shadow. Finally, she found a book titled 'Healing Potions'. She quickly took it off the shelf and flipped through the pages, she came to the recipe for a potion that could heal burns. Her heart sank as she read the ingredients: A Zora Scale, some water from Lake Hylia, and a drop of morning dew from the leaves of the Deku Tree.

I doubt that Shadow has any of these ingredients here! She thought, putting the book back. She was about to leave when a book caught her eye, 'Hidden Drawers and Doors'. The image of the red book flashed through her head. Curiosity got the best of her, and she pulled the switch. The secret drawer opened up, revealing its hidden treasure. She picked up the red book, and opened it up. She quickly realized that it was a journal, and Shadow wrote down what was going on in his life in it. The first ten pages or so mainly stated how everyone was afraid of him, and that they hated him.

Then, everything suddenly changed. He had written that he had seen a young Hylian girl with red hair, and she had completely trashed an entire cart filled with fruit and other edible goods. He said that she was fascinating to watch, and that he hoped to see her again. Buddar turned the page, and found that it described the same thing, a young girl who steals from the townsfolk by crashing their unoccupied carts. As Buddar read, she realized that Shadow had been watching her from the shadows this entire time.

Then she came to the latest entry. 'I finally have Buddar all to myself.' He had written. 'But, she is not as I had hoped she would be. She isn't very fond of me, and hides from me. I fear that I may be causing her to start to dislike me by keeping her here. All I want is for her to like me. She understands the pain of being alone, and she knows how it feels to know that nobody cares about you. But for her, that's not true anymore.

Because I'm here for her, and I care about her.'

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