Part 2: The King Of The School

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Author's note:
I might drop some fun facts about my characters.

Annabeth's point of view is really fun to write. There are currently 2 more chapters planned for her, I just need to write them down in cronological order.

From now on, I will drop fun facts about my characters. If you guys want a fun fact about a character, you can comment which one you want to know about.

Annabeth's POV

I'm glad the first day has a 15 minute break between classes. The talk about me wiping the floor with the jerk is the only thing I'm hearing.

'What is her level though?'

'You don't wanna mess with her.'

'That was badass!'

'That guy is what, 20 centimeters taller than her and she is the one kicking ass!'

'Don't underestimate the shortie.'

'I don't mean to judge, but Fire is the strongest element... I hope we witness her do a beautiful explosion with someone who uses Nuclear powers.'

If I could just push my headphones all the way down my ear holes, I would. But we're stuck listening to a boring presentation from our history teacher.

The presentation is about the clubs of our school. I'm really not interested in any of them.

Drama club? I'm inside on right now. No, to be more precise, this school isn't full of clowns, it's an entire circus.

Cooking club? This is the only club I'm going to check out. Cooking is my life, ever since I got my powers. I didn't have any use for the flames I can create, so I decided to just help in the kitchen.

Gardening club? I'm not interested in burning stuff down. I do like plants, but seriously? This entire club is right next to the plaza, and let me tell you people, it's walls are made of trees and bushes.

You heard me, trees and bushes. I would rather not burn the entire club to the ground.

Science club? Not my type of club. Why would I be interested in the composition of Uranus- oh lord here I go.

"The club leaders will be chosen in an event, you can join the campaign, and everyone who is interested will vote for the candidate they like best." This old fart finally said something that sounds interesting. A club president, nobody would mind if I try?

I mean, from what I heard, the school always does this. I know that nobody will vote me, except Brittany who would just vote me from the moment I join the event.

This is like prom, but instead of voting a king and a queen, you vote for the club president who will represent the club in meetings.

"Those who are interested should talk to their homeroom teacher, and fill in some papers, after which you are placed as a candidate." The teacher says, hoping someone is listening. Apparently, some kids are sleeping, and he thinks he had the full attention. "If anyone listened, you can try today, as the votes conclude on October 10th." He finishes and starts doing some work on his laptop.

Brittany and I just sit in silence, letting the information sink in. "Are you going to sign up?" Brittany asks me, breaking the silence.

"Well..." Wait a moment. I should try, I always avoided being voted as the class president. From what I know, getting to be one is horrible. But a club leader, I should try, especially because I like cooking. "I'm going to sign up, but don't think of some weird revenge plan if I don't win."

"Marked your words." Brittany says, turning her attention to her phone. Her friends must really have a good day if they're actively texting her.

My friends are the kind of people who put work and success before anything. I wouldn't be surprised if they turned off their phones or just ignored the group text I sent.

Maybe they will check it during lunch-

"Anyways, after this period ends, it's lunchtime." Is this girl a psychic or what? She always knows what I'm thinking about.

"Britt, your mind reading capabilities are frightening me." I say in a very sweet voice, laughing once I finish. "But yeah, I'm hungry, and we need to find that kid too."

"The one you saved by kicking someone's ass?"

"Do you have 5 second memory?" I joke. Bad idea. Britt, I love you girl, but you have to stop cackling like a witch.

Surprisingly, she doesn't burst out laughing like she did before. Instead she is immitating a teakettle.

"Oh- lord *snort* you're such a mood." She barely manages to say that before getting back to her teakettle immitation. You can tell that she has a hard time breathing from all the laughter.

Even her face is red.

Time Skip To Lunch Time~

"Aye where is this dude?" Brittany says out of frustration. We already ate our lunch, and now we're basically running around the school searching for the guy.

"Girl I have no idea who he is." I deadpanned. "He's just some random kid, and I'm apparently the heroine of this school." I say, disgust slowly making it's way into my voice.

Is this how I'm gonna be labeled? A heroine who just tripped a bully, and that's how that story ended?

Bleh, I seriously hope the guy I tripped with my Heat Wave ability isn't a higher level than my poor 5.2.

Of course, Brittany and I being the unaware dumb teenage girls, we bump into someone. This is why you look in front of you when you walk!

"Oh, I'm sorry, we weren't looking!" I quickly apologize to the boy we ran into, and continue dragging Brittany with me down the hallway.

'Did they just bump into the king?'

'Oh no, I can smell the drama from here.'

'I would run if I were them.'

'They're dead.'

First of all, hearing the word 'king' is what baffles me. Are we in the middle ages, or in the 21st century?

And now I just realized... Britt and I ran in circles for 10 minutes, not finding the guy I saved earlier this morning.

"I give up." I drop my friend's hand and raise mine into the air. "I surrender, this kid is invisible."

Britt snorts but stops herself. Is it because I'm giving her my best Karen look or because she knows my Heat Wave is after her feet? "Let's try the rooftop, we still have 15 minutes before class starts."

"That's the stupidest idea I ever heard- let's go then." I say sarcastically and begin to drag her after me once again.

Next destination: the rooftop, ladies and gentlemen.

Author's note:

After publishing this part on accident, I unpublished it and published it again.

I slept 5 hours okay!? The first chapter didn't write itself lmao.

Prepare for a new point of view next chapter!

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