48: down the memory lane

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Author's POV:
          With the rays of sun Peeking inside through the glass of the window, as the wintery air, slid inside through the little slit fell on to the face of the beautiful lady, sleeping soundly on the bed, as she had kept her hand below her cheek. Straight after a few minutes, The man dashingly dressed into a leather blazer over a black t-shirt, with black jeans, the lightly strands of hair touching his forehead as he walked towards the mirror table, to take the watch from it, and while wearing it to his wrist his eyes fell onto the reflection of his wife, Aayat's sleeping figure, the smile immediately forming on his lips.

       He took small strides towards bed, towards her as he first thought of waking her up, but then as he saw her sleeping so peacefully, decided not to and just stood still, thinking of how this evening was going to change their life, as he was going to take a big step towards the future,
Their future,

        The alarm of Aayat's phone went off, to which she immediately opened her eyes, squinched them and rubbed them till she actually realized who was standing next to her bed.

The Mr. Grey eyes with his handsome looking face!

          She immediately sat straight up in a second, gasping almost, while he was just as shocked of being caught red handed in the act of stating at her.

"Wh..why are you standing here Mahir?" She asked to which he tried to replied and finally came up with a decent reason,

"Um, actually I was going to wake you up..."

"Oh okay.." she said and looked down at her still buzzing phone and reached out to turn it of while thinking, why was he dressed as if he had to attend an event or something when he said getting her attention

"And besides..."
"I Don't think it's a crime to stare at the girl you're lawfully wedded to..."

The speed with which blood rushed from the veins of neck to the face! Her eyes had immediately grew bigger, and off guardedly , she stood up and just tried to ignore the handsome face smirking at her state, she was almost 4feet away from him, her back facing him when he called her,


She stopped into her tracks still not turning back,

"You know that you look as lovely without the hijab don't you..."

She was again taken aback, it felt as if all the strength in her feet had drained, at the same time, she could feel that he was now standing closer to her than before, as he said huskily,

"Or shall I say, you look lovelier with your hair open, I think I would be more than happy to get used to this sigh--"

Before he could finish, she ran off to the bathroom, almost cursing herself for forgetting to put on the hijab back at night after she had tied her head into a loose bun, but she was too tired to do so.

      After finally closing the door behind her, she calmed her heartbeat that was beating furiously! While she wondered, what the hell just happened? And why was she feeling so strange? So shy? Face palming herself, she washed her face with cold water, and than after a few minutes, she peeked out in the room, so that she could check whether he was there, to her luck he wasn't. She quickly took her clothes from the bag and than went to get a shower.


         The breakfast was set, as he waited for her in the little dinning area of their suite in the hotel, as he had whole day planned ahead of them, he was today going to take her to the village, the village where actually their story began. He thought about the morning incident and smiled, how much does she blushes! Oh, how will she react the moment when he will do the confession to her, that thought made his heart skip a beat everytime, at the same time the fear was equivalent to his determination of doing what he should have long ago.

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