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When we were all done I was ready to get out of there and so was Andy, but Pete convinced us to stay and try to be social to promote our band. I fought my way through the house, still sweaty from the show, to put Joe's guitar in my car where it was parked along the street. As soon as I put it in I heard someone calling

"Hey!" At first I didn't think the voice was for me until I heard it again right behind me. I closed my backseat car door and turned around to see her standing there.

She was about five inches smaller than me, and her short shoulder leinghth chestnut brown hair looked so shiny and her bangs hung in one of her eyes. She wore all black with black chucks. I could now see her eyes were spectacularly green with a little eyeliner lining the bottom and top of her eyes. Her lip ring sparkled as she chewed her gum.

"Hey" she smiled at me.

"Hey." I decided to answer her this time along with a smile.

"I saw your band, you guys are really good you know." She said.

"Thanks.You have a band too, right? You seem familiar" I decided to say and not sound creepy. My head spun as I talked to her. She was so pretty, she had the perfect face of someone who could be famous, small nose, sparkling white teeth, and beautiful voice.

"I do. Moment to Monument, you've heard of us? Oh! I'm Mia by the way." She said. I finally had a name for her and it fit her perfectly.

"I'm Patrick" I held out my hand to her and when she shook it I swear time froze for a moment. I felt like my heart was beating so hard it was going to beat right out of my chest and fall onto the sidewalk in front of her. "Yeah, I go to shows a lot and I'm sure I've seen your band play." I suddenly realized I probably looked like a big sweaty pig from the show, and probably smelled bad making me more nervous.

"So I've never seen your band play around here, are you guys new?" She asked

"Yeah we just started about a week ago, when I learned to play guitar" my mind kept telling my mouth to shut up and that I didn't sound cool, but I guess I was wrong.

"No way! That's insane! There's no way this is your first show and you guys have only been playing a week. Wait, how did you learn guitar so fast? It took me years." She was astonished.

"I have no idea. I was a drummer and they needed a singer and guitar player so I took three days to learn guitar and I guess it just worked."

"I'm glad you did, your voice is so great, I'm not even joking." She said

"Thanks" I'm sure my face was red from embarrassment now.

"Welcome, but I have to get back in my band is probably waiting on me to get on stage. But it was really cool talking to you. Are you staying? We could talk more after this if you want."

"Yeah that would be cool." I said and she gave me a smile and wave then walked back into the house. I stood by my car for a moment to let it all sink in. I had impressed her.

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