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*Discalimer : I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians or The Heroes of Olympus Series. This is only a FanFiction but Asterix Evanesco is mine along with Reah Devand! *

Ok I Decided to write this because all the other stories about Percabeth was broken didn't match my type....I don't get why they bother with Norse Mythology


Asterix Evanesco

     I twisted my sword to deflect Percy's strike. We were having a friendly match and I knew he was just playing with me, He was far better than me anyway. With only a simple twist my sword gave way and it tumbled down the hill.

     Yes I am with the famous hero Percy Jackson. He is forgotten in the Greek world but for us abandoned demigods, he was still our hero. almost 2000 years ago, there were only me, Reah and 3 other demigods here on this hill where we met.

     I was abandoned and disowned by my mother Aphrodite. Reah was also Abandoned by her mother Demeter too and we had met here on this hill top. I think after an year we lived here, Percy showed up all battered up. More abandoned demigod children came here to live and strangely we became immortal as soon as we set foot on this hill.

     As I know we had about 300 abandoned children here. Most children of major gods and goddesses because they thought their children will overcome them someday. We live in simple white tents and train.

     There are monster attacks like once every 3 or 2 days so we stay ready. There was another reason Percy ran from Camp Half-Blood and ended up here, He was betrayed by his girlfriend Annabeth Chase.

     We learned not to talk about it because nothing can improve his mood when he remembers that. Storms will brew and sometimes, short earthquakes can happen. He was so powerful I understood why the Gods wanted him out of the way.

     I walked down the hill, passing a few other tents to my sword. I just picked it up when I saw a blue hooded figure appear in front of me. I let out a small shriek and back up quickly. I pointed my sword at the figure and asked "Who are you?! "

     The other curious demigods and Percy who had been watching came down quickly but some stayed up the hill in case it was a trick. The hooded figure said and the voice was obviously a girl's "I didn't come here to fight. I came here because I am like you guys. "

     She was also abandoned? Only a few came now a days because the gods cannot afford to lose demigods now that war was brewing. We had no plans to help actualy. She took of her hood and revealed long sea-blue hair and same eyes.

     Percy asked "Adelene?"

     She smiled "I am glad you remembered me."

     I heard about her from Percy. Adelene Stella Grace, she was a demigod child of Poseidon before some curse made her a goddess. She was one of the few people who stood up for Percy when they almost executed him. Now she is also abandoned?

     Adelene shrugged "My father disowned me, for treating Zeus with my fathers when he was sick. I think they agreed I was too powerful to let on."

     Reah said "Accept her, She is one of us now anyway. "

     There is a rule, there are magical borders around the hill that prevents other people non-abandoned demigods from entering. Someone inside must say 'Accept Him or Her.' To let the person gain access to the hill.

     We all went back to our tents and me, Reah, Percy and Adelene was left. Percy asked "How's Camp? "

     She replied "In Chaos...The demigods never seemed to cooperate with each other. The gods are desperate. There is a war brewing and their weapons are slowly turning against each other. In no time, You guys will become their only hope."

     Reah scoffed "They abandoned us, They can take care of it. "

     I agreed with her "Not helping and wasting my time. I'd rather stay here."

     Percy said "Well they said we were too powerful to control, let us see if they can at least control themselves."

     Adelene shrugged "Not going to say any things against you but you must go back to Camp."

     Percy said frowning "To a place I vowed never to go back? No thanks..."

     She told him "It is the only way Percy. I don't like it too but if western civilization dies, The whole world follows. There will be nothing left in this world."

     Percy said stubborn "Sorry, I can't. I can never bear the pain to be back there again."

     She narrowed her eyes "Well Annabeth miss you. I can sense presence of unwelcome spirits and Gaea had possessed her that time. You can never control yourself! Annabeth is regretting that she let herself out of guard and she is mourns you day and night. She even thinks you are dead!"

     Percy's eyes flared which happens every time we talk about Annabeth "How do you know if she id possessed or not? What if she was just pretending? "

     They were arguing now and other demigods started to peek out from their tents to see what was going one. Me and Reah just stood there as long moments of silence began. Finally Percy sat on the ground hard and said only we can hear "That scene almost killed me Emotionally. It gave me a big shock I can never overcome."

*Lets see if Percy still Loves Annabeth or not :) Thank you for reading! *

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