~Packing and Airports~

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 My eyes flutter open to the sound of my alarm and a rough eggshell colored ceiling. Sighing deeply I stretch out my arms and feel all of my muscles as they expand and create that wonderful first morning stretch waking me up fully. Eyeing the clock I see that it's 4 am. 'Great,' I think, 'now I have to pack and get on a plane, at least I get to sleep more on the plane.'

Living in Oregon was wonderful but also really stressful, on one hand you have the rolling hills, deep lush beautiful forests, wonderful community (for the most part), and all of your friends, old and new. But then again I moved back to Oregon to go to college and get your photography degree. It's always been my passion to take up photography and become a photography genius earning millions per day for just taking pictures, oh and it calmed your nerves too. The whole process of setting up the picture, creating the mood, getting the lighting and being able to capture a moment in time as if life itself stopped for this moment that I created. It truly was a wonderful feeling after getting a shot like that, especially when the client or buyer is as ecstatic as I am when I first took it.

Though moving back to Oregon meant seeing my family again. I have nothing wrong with my family it's just that they can get to be a little but much sometimes. Nagging me to come visit and pushing chores on me, or talking about politics with my dad and being reminded of my dads very strong opinions. There are defiantly worse things that could happen to a person but getting in a conversation with my dad just wasn't something that I want to do with the added stress of college and my image.

After I finished with school (finally) I can go back to Florida and begin my reign as the photography queen, or at least I hope so. Packing up the apartment was way more tiring than you were expecting it to be, maybe having a stream on in the back ground wasn't a good idea, I keep getting distracted and just sitting down to watch as dream speedruns under 30 minutes, 'god I wish I could do that, then I wouldn't have had to go back to school and I could have been a streamer instead.' I decide to turn off the stream and listen to music instead. Shuffling my playlist Mayonaka no Door by Miki Matsubara comes on and I put it on repeat. (totally not doing that right now)

Stay with me...

Mayonaka no DOA wo tataki

Kaeranaide to naita

Ano kisetsu ga ima me no mae

Stay with me... Kuchiguse wo ii nagara

Futari no toki wo daite mada wasurezu

Daiji ni shiteita

I belt out the lyrics to the 80's Japanese song as I dance around gently putting things in boxes and suitcases, remembering what each thing means to me and how much I treasure it. Some things I cant bring and I take extra time to put those things in a box that will stay at my parents house. Not having a lot of stuff, three suitcases and two of boxes that I will ship before I get on the plane, I get into my car and start the 20 minute drive to my parents to drop off my things and say my goodbyes before I leave for Florida.

After dropping my two boxes off that the post office my mom and I both pack my things and set off. The ride to the airport wasn't that eventful, mostly traffic and talking with my mom. Arriving at the airport was a different story though, the traffic was IMMENSE and the air port itself was crowded to all hell. 

Getting my things out of the car was way more difficult than it should have been, people keep bumping into my mom and I and I was starting to get very frustrated, 'can't these people just walk around like god damn personal space.'  I took a minute to calm down cause I would have to walk through this maze of a crowd if I wanted to even get inside the airport to warm up. My mom ended up just dropping me off and I was turning around to check myself in and get my gate information when all of the sudden a little girl was grasping onto my sweatshirt and crying looking around frantically. Startled I jump back a little bit only to remember what it feels like to be lost, I crouch down next to the little girl and she looks at me with tears falling down her face, snot dripping from her nose, her cheeks have a little tint of pink, most likely because it was cold outside. 

"Are you lost" I say hoping to calm her down

"Yea" she says it in such a small and quiet voice that I start to get even more worried about where her parent or parents were, did she get separated from them in this crowd? Or did she run off and get lost?

"Okay, do you want help finding your parents?" I say it quietly so she knows that I am here to help

"Yes please"

"Where dId you last see them"

"Over there" she says pointing towards the middle door to the air port, which just happens to be a revolving door.

Thinking about how on earth I am going to get this girl to the front doors without leaving my bags in the middle of the road I a couple frantically looking around, searching like their life depended on it, for something in the crowd, 'perfect' I think, 'I can just put her on my shoulders and walk over with my luggage in my hands and have her look and see if she recognizes the couple.'

"Okay why don't you get on my shoulders and we can walk that way, you will have to hold onto me though, I'm going to have my hands full"

she lights up at the sound of that and I crouch down allowing her to climb onto my back, wrap her legs around my shoulders and latch her hands into my hair. Which I'm not going to lie, hurt a lot.

"I'm standing up now okay, don't fall."

Standing up I feel her tighten her grip and find her balance, carefully I grab my suitcases and start to walk over to the panicked couple, thankfully they were located near the doors so I wouldn't have to go far after dropping her off. Surprisingly people were getting out of my way and making a little but of room for me, 'I should do this more often, jeez this is working way more than I thought it would.' Eventually I make it over to the couple and they see the little girl on my shoulders and it seems as if the woman has tears in her eyes, 'hopefully tears of relief.' I think to myself. 

I come to a stop and get the girl off of my shoulders, slowly setting her on the ground she runs to her mom and gives her the biggest hug I could imagine, the couple thanks me and the girl runs over and hugs me at my waist, surprised I reach my hands down and give her a little hug back.

'now that made my day'

Words count: 1230

Omg I just wrote that at 1 am hopefully I didn't fuck it up. Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment! I'm hoping to have the first 3 chapters up by the end of the week.

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