~14~ Brother Bonding: Sneak Peek

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"Ayayayayayyyyyyy.... Come on bro we were like practically brothers. Remember how we locked eyes? Didn't you feel that spark? I sure did." I was trying my best- well, let me tell you... I couldn't see, I had a blindfold on and I was tied up next to the Governor (The Walking dead is hella rad). I was trying.

Wait... Does that make Buttly Michonne? Good job Haru you have broken the anime world.

So Uh... to fill you in... got a bit kidnapped.. And tied up. And slapped. But don't worry I got a kick out of it later after he realized I slobbered all over him in the process. Meaning I was both kicked and also laughing from his reaction..............

Hey guys! Letting you all know I'm alive and well. d(•w• ) Here's a Sneak peek to my next chapter, Brother bonding. And yep.. Haru + Kidnapped = Laughs for everyone.

I hope I didn't disappoint anyone, but you know.. GOTTA STAY POSITIVE. ( ' ▽ ' )ノ

I love all my baby birds. [Burbs] Please enjoy this excerpt!

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