Chapter 3.

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With vampires, there is such a great tradition that you suddenly find yourself a part of. Each generation reinvents what that means to them.


Louis waited every day for Harry to confront him, but he never showed up. Days went by and nothing, it frustrated him to no end. The only thing that happened was that his siblings stared at him a lot, to his annoyance, and there were animal attacks. It was freaky but that's what happens when you're surrounded by woods. 


Louis was walking out after Troy brought his truck back from being fixed when he slips and falls on his ass. He lets out a groan at the pain, carefully getting up with the help of his dad. He hates ice and everything that comes with it.

"You alright," Troy says trying to hold his laugh back and failing. Louis nods, "Yeah I'm good, ice doesn't really help the uncoordinated". He pulls away and gets in his truck driving to another boring day at school. Or so he thought. 


Louis walks into his Biology class and did a double-take when he saw Harry sitting at the table. Louis thought his little crush would be gone, but his cheeks which were heating up proved him wrong.  He lets out a curse to himself and walks to the desk, prepared to be ignored when Harry speaks to him, and god was his voice beautiful. "Hello, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to introduce myself last week. I'm Harry Styles, you're Louis?" he says with a smile directed at Louis who is still shocked. 

After shaking his head he hums, "um, yes" he says trying to look anywhere but the dark eyes staring at him. The teacher explains the procedure then busts out a golden onion which makes Louis laugh a little to himself. 

Harry pushes the microscope closer to Louis, "You can go first". Louis grabs it looking at him, "you were gone" he says, then looking into the microscope. Harry looks down, "Yeah, I was out of town for a couple of days. Personal reasons," he says letting out a quiet chuckle. Louis just nods, playing with his dress. 

"So are you enjoying the rain?" Harry asks, making Louis laugh at the question. "You're asking me about the weather?" Louis smirks at Harry who now looks a little embarrassed. "Yeah...I guess I am".

Louis looks around, "well I don't really like the rain, any cold, wet thing I don't really like". Louis looks back at Harry who is smirking at him with raised eyebrows, and Louis blushes and realized how dirty that sounded. 

"If you hate the cold and rain so much, why'd you move to the wettest place in the continental US?" Harry says when he's done writing. Louis shrugs thinking back to his mom, "it's complicated" he said, rolling his eyes. 

"I'm sure I can keep up" Harry smiles at Louis. "My mom remarried and uh..." he trails off shrugging again. Harry tilts his head, "so, you don't like the guy?" he asked trying to understand. Louis shakes his head, "no, that's not it. Marks really nice" he said firmly. Harry stares at him for a minute before looking away into the microscope. 


They're now walking in the halls, and Louis is trying to ignore the people looking, shocked Harry is talking to him. Louis mentally rolls his eyes at the dramatics. "Why didn't you move with your mother and Mark?" Harry says walking next to him. Louis knew he was short, but Harry's 6'1 makes his 5'2 look drastically small.

 Louis then remembers his question, "well Mark is a minor league baseball player and he travels a lot, so my mom stayed home with me, but I knew it made her unhappy so here I am." Harry was staring at the ground but looked up hearing that, "and now you're unhappy?" and something about his tone made Louis' heart beat faster. 

"No," he said a little quietly. "I'm sorry, I'm just trying to figure you out. You're very difficult for me to read." Harry says staring into Louis' eyes. It's then he noticed something he didn't before, his eyes were much darker. "Hey, did you get contacts?" Louis stepped a little closer trying to see better. 

Harry clenches his jaw and backs away, "No, I didn't". Louis blinks a few times to see if his mind was playing a trick on him, but he saw the same dark color. "Your eyes were really green last time I saw you, now they're almost black," he said while biting on his bottom lip. 

Harry closes his eyes and quickly says, "yeah I know, it's the fluorescents." He suddenly walks away from Louis leaving him alone and confused in the middle of the hall.


It's the end of the day and Louis is at his truck looking around and spots Harry who was already looking at him while leaning against his car. Louis looks away not hearing the van that was heading towards him. He turns at the last second and closes his eyes preparing to get hit when all of a sudden Harry grabbed him while pushing the van away. 

Louis let out a gasp when he sees the dent Harry made with his hand. Harry slides his hand down resting above Louis' bum and turns to look at him. Louis is too shocked to say anything about the dent or how he got over that fast, and watches Harry get up and walk away. People start running over to Louis but he's numb to everything around him.

What the fuck just happened?


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