Chapter VII: Arrival

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The day would have been wonderful... If it weren't for her ex-boyfriend/ex-professor who decided to confess his love after the graduation, add to that Lance's interruption and his quick brain and all her hopes for a wonderful day blew like a nuclear bomb during a silent war.

She opened her condominium unit door and got in, slamming the white door behind her.

Andrea's condo had been a gift from her parents by the time she turned sixteen. Her place had been the envy of her college friends for its modern yet feminine design, huge space and of course, her window wall that shows the impeccable LA skyline. But the view does not interest her nor gives her any comfort whatsoever, she needed an alone time in a dimly lit room with a carton of ice cream.

She trudged towards the blinds remote on top of her coffee table and pushed the red button to close it.

After that, she made her way to the kitchen, kicking off the shoes she was wearing not caring wherever it may go, and searched for an ice cream carton and a spoon. Just as she was about to open the fridge, her telephone shrilled, a very unusual thing to happen considering the fact that she's more reachable through her phone but she did not even think of the unusualness, she was not in the mood to even think for a second and made the three steps towards her wireless telephone.

"Yep?" she answered, hearing some rock music from the other side.

"Party at nine. Zeta Delta Phi. Be there," Victoria said, urgently.

Andrea took her ice cream and made her way to her white couch, "Not coming,"

"What?" Victoria said in disbelief and Andrea could picture her jaw dropping to the floor.

As much as Andrea is the zuma cum laude of their batch, she's not the one to turn down offers to party. Sometimes she even hosts one.

"You heard me," Andrea said as she spoon the strawberry ice cream and ate it.

"But why?" asked Victoria in a whinning tone.

"I'm just not in the mood," Andrea insisted.

"Please come," Victoria pleaded.

Andrea sighed, "Now is not really a good time for me, V. I'm tired," Andrea lied. She was anything but tired.

"You'll be missing the last of our immaturity..." Victoria baited but Andrea did not bite.

"Bye, V." and with that she hung up and tissed the telephone to the other side of the couch and continued to munch on the ice cream, with only the thoughts of her lunch together with the three most valuable people of her life.

Though her eyes might be looking at the menu to order something, Andrea could feel Lance's eyes on her but whenever she peeked, she always caught his eyes not on her.

During the whole lunch, Lance remained silent and Andrea find it really odd because Lance is not the kind of person that kept on his own. It was awkward, the lunch and as Lance left after receiving an urgent call, Andrea realized she was not the only one who noticed it.

"What's wrong with Lance?" asked her dad as he sipped on his wine, keeping his eyes to Andrea.

Andrea gave her most innocent look and shrugged, "I don't know," and she knew her parents believed her lie because they stopped questioning her about the topic.

Unknowingly, Andrea felt her stomach grew fuller and noticed she'd eaten almost half of the ice cream. With a sigh, she heaved up to her feet and went back to her kitchen to put the ice cream back to the fridge and toss the spoon to the sink.


Leaving his car in such haste towards the arrival gate of LAX, Lance's mind is filled with the thing he saw in the hallway, though he acted upon assumption, the guilt written like words on Andrea's face was clear and he knows that his guess was right.

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