Part 1: The First Day

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Author's note:
Here is the reveal of the female protagonist. There is a male protagonist as well, but his reveal is coming in Part 3!

English is not my first language, and this is my first time writing. I'm sorry if there are any mistakes.

I had this story swimming around my mind, and decided to start writing it. A little help from my friend, and I did it!

Enjoy the story lads!

Annabeth's POV

First day of high school... yay. I really hope I don't get embarrassed immediately. Elementary school was enough drama, I don't need more of it.

I hoped that when they pushed the first day to October 1st that it wouldn't arrive so fast. Matter of the fact, it arrived sooner than September 2nd would!

I'm already dressed in my attire, a white hoodie and a black skirt. I-

"I'm taking a shit here!" Wow, just wow. That's my mom if you're wondering, taking the poo at 6:30 am. My older brother Cody is probably bothering her by knocking on the door.

"Mom I need to use the bathroom, I'll be late for work!" He says loudly. I'm struggling not to throw my head back and laugh hysterically.

"Can't someone take a shit in peace!?" My mom hollers through the bathroom door, and a giggle escapes my lips. I really hope Cody didn't hear since I will have a rock pole stuck inside my butt.

Like you guessed, my brother Cody's element is Earth. He inherited it from our mom, I got my power when our father died from cancer 2 years ago.

I'm really happy that I got my power. Even if it's Fire, I can still be productive with it. The kitchen totally isn't my stage.

It's 6:45 already!? I should really stop daydreaming. I pick up my bag from the floor and quickly put on my shoes. I open the door and before I head out, I know what I gotta do.

"I'm going to school, bye mom, bye Cody!" I yell back and quickly close the door, and head to the bus stop.

Small fun fact, my bus rides are actually enjoyable, since this specific bus line is always empty. Well, except me and some other students.

It's a sunny day, and kind of warm for October.

Time Skip~

Well hello Bosten High School! You may look ugly on the outside, but that doesn't make the horror inside look any better.

Pardon my mood, but this is a school. Why would I need to feel good and happy going into a drama club with a few thousand members?

The answer is I don't.

It's just a normal school, the walls are blue, the floor is white, and honey those tiles ain't shining.

First thing I do is go to the board to find my name and class. A few minutes of searching, and I find myself on the list of class 1-2. It would be nice if I could move from my spot here, but I can't.

I'm surrounded by a literal horde of chicken- PARDON ME- people. I decide to just push through the horde to get to my classroom.

Once I find it, I think for a moment where to sit. It's 25 minutes before class starts, and nobody is here, not even the teacher.

The classroom is pretty ordinary if you ask me. Teacher's desk is in front of the blackboard, a few bookshelves are positioned next to the blackboard.

There are some desks with boxes, posters and whatever else at the back of the classroom.

Apparently, 2 per desk is a thing in this school. So I have to sit next to a random stranger, as there is enough room for 30 students, and there were 29 more names on the class 1-2 list. I count as the 30th name on it.

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