~Part 7~

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"Lizabeth?" Michael stood there. Disgusted fell upon his face.
"Lizabeth, do you seriously think I would like a fat whore like you? Please! I'd rather die than live one moment with you. You pathetic excuse for a human being."
He laughed in my face and then pushed me down to the ground.
"Go kill yourself."
He started kicking me.
I screamed in pain. This pain was so unbearable.
It felt like the pain I felt the day my mom left me.
But it was way worse.




I flung my eyes open. Unaware what had just happened. I was breathing hard.
I'd realize that it was a nightmare.

I also realized that Jordan was there. Michael was there too.

"Lizzy? Are you okay?!" Jordan asked with worry filling his eyes.
"What.. I'm fine. Why are you in here?"
I was so confused why they had been in my room.
"You were screaming on top of your lungs." Jordan was now on the edge of my bed. Michael was sitting on the desk chair, staring at the ground.
"Oh.. i.. I'm sorry I woke you guys. You can go now. Sorry." I rolled over. Now facing the wall.
"Are you sure Liz?" He put his hand on my leg. Causing shivers run up my spin. I dont like it when people touched my legs or stomach.
"Yeah. I'm fine." I sat up. Leaned against the wall than covered my legs with a blanket. Even though I have sweatpants on.
I pulled a forced smile on my face.
Jordan smiled.
"Okay. Just tell me if I can get you anything." he kissed my forehead than walked out of my room. Leaving Michael and I there.
Is he okay? He looks upset.

"Are you okay Michael?" I looked at him. He was staring at the ground. Fiddling with his thumbs.
"I won't ever hurt you. You know that right?"
He was still staring at the ground.
"What? Why would you?" I was really confused. He looked up from the floor. His eyes filled with sadness and disappointment.
"You were screaming my name, in your nightmare. I was hurting you right?"
My mind went to a million different places.
Shit! Stupid me! What if he thinks I'm weird? What if he thinks I'll never trust him? What if he is lying and he will hurt me? What if he is like everyone else?

My thoughts went crazy.
I guess I was taking a long time to answer. He had came over to my bed and kneeled down to my eye level.

Oh no. He is going to hit me. No he is going to laugh in my face.
No dont.

He lifted his hand. I got prepared for the impact.
He gently paced his hand on my cheek. Causing every thought I had, disappear.
"Everything is going to be alright. I won't EVER hurt you." my eyes filled up with tears. Not wanting this moment to end. Not just because he is here but, he is the one who made the bad thoughts go away.

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