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author note: thanksss

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so i went on my phone to check my updates for other books by different arthur and decided to look at my own and found out that i just reached 9K views i know i said i would add a new addition of another group in this imagine book but i just decided that i would open this imagine book up to any kpop idols from any group, do hope you guys would prefer it like this and thanks for 9k view 😊 i am very thankful for that... request are still open so do request for whoever you want me to write an imagine on and ya i would do it ,but you guys have to wait for a few days because my school reopened and there is alot to do so the updates will not be frequent.... but still do comment 😁 i am going to add iKon in this imagine.. so my next update should be one of the iKon members

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