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theres movement in the room as one stirs awake. there are leaves rustling outside but in the room, the only sounds are the breaths of the other one still sleeping. The one rubbing her eyelids is careful not to wake the other as she rolls over to become the little spoon. she lays there a moment. and a moment longer. Thinking but about nothing in particular. just about how luckyyshe is to be lying next to the gorgeous naked form of her bestfriend. her true love. her soulmate you might even call it. she allows herself to think also about how happy she is to be alive right now. how happy she is her hearts beating. how peacfeul and secure she feels right this minute, with her legs interlocked with the hazel eyed goddess next to her. shes dreamt of love like this for as long as she can remember. she closes her eyes thinking of all the happy times and as she drifts back off to sleep, a smile crosses her face.

Everything is warm

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