You can hear many sounds here. Footsteps, train, waterdrops, and most of all you can hear AKB’s music resonating around. Finally…we arrived in the place of our dreams….AKIBASTAR!

Atsura: Kyaaa!!!A-KI-BA-STAR!!!!!HELLO, AKIBASTAR! We are the 00’s 80th generation members! Let’s look around the city later, okay?

Atsura shouted as we arrived in the 00 dorm. Yes. She really shouted. She’s really funny. She not afraid to show her feelings.

“Haha. Relax, Ats. You will lose your voice is you continue shouting. But, gosh. We’re really here!” Karen said as she went beside Atsura.

“Wait. Did I just hear you call Atsura, Ats? Really, Ats? You give people weird names, Karen.” Yuna said.

Yeah, right. Yuna’s right. Karen do give us weird names. Ahhh. I remembered how we met Yuna. That was really…uhmm…how do you call it?.


Karen: Neh, Rina. Can you give us an advice about being an idol?

Rina:Eh? Why are you asking an advice from me?

Karen: You’re a model right? That means you’re a celebrity. It also means that you already have an experience as a half-idol.

Rina: Uhmm. Well I think when you join 00 you just need to be yourself. Be honest and show how you love what you’re doing. It will also make the fans love the group more.

Karen: Uhh. Thank you!

“S-sorry!” Karen and Atsura said at the same time. Atsura bumped into someone. Haha. She’s really a clutz yet she’s really fun to be with.

“Wah. Sugoii! You’re a ‘Hurricane’.” Huh? What does she mean by Hurricane?

“Huh? What do you mean by I’m a Hurricane?” The girl…Oh…She looks familiar.

“Karen, can you see a rain within her? How did she became a hurricane?” Atsura said with a curious tone.

“It’s my figure of speech, Atsura. By the way, who are you? You look familiar?” Karen said to Atsura then looked back again to the familiar girl. Well, I think I’m not the only one who knows this girl.

“Yuna. Sadagawa Yuna.” She said then leave.

*End of Flashback*

Yuna was really mysterious back then, I mean until now. Well, everyone of us is mysterious. Yuna is mysterious, I am mysterious, Karen and Atsura are mysterious… funny.


Rina: Oh my God! You scared the hell out of me!

“Gomen, gomen. I didn’t mean to scare you. Hello, again. So, you are my roomie?” she apologized then asked me.

“I think so.” We we’re staring at each other when –

“KYAAH! GirlxGirl!”

Karen: BAKA! GirlxGirl?! Are you crazy? Or are you crazy?

“I’m…funny?” Atsura replied.

“Guys, again, Hello?” The other girl asked again.

“Sorry for being rude.” Yuna said. “I’m Yuna Sadagawa. You can call me Yun or H. H for…Hurricane as Karen called me.”

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