Chapter 2.

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The strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him


The next morning Louis pulls into the parking lot. Although Louis hates it, people look as he gets out. It's March, the middle of the semester so of course, people are gonna look. Louis rolls his eyes for thinking any different. He looks around as he pulls the end of his skirt down a little, a nervous habit of his. He tries to ignore everyone's stares as he walks up to the doors.

He's looking at his schedule, lost and confused when someone walks up to him. "You're Louis Tomlinson, the new boy. Hi, I'm Eric, the eyes and ears of this place. Anything you need? tour guide? lunch date? shoulder to cry on?", Eric says playfully. "Uh, I'm really kinda the more suffer in silence type," Louis said awkwardly not really knowing what to do. He's never been good at talking to people.

Eric smiles, not letting his awkwardness bother him, "a good headline for your future, I'm on the paper and your news baby, front page". Louis almost trips hearing that, no way could he be on the paper. The thought alone makes him cringe. "No I'm not, please don't-" He gets cut off by Eric telling him not to worry about it and he won't do it. Louis lets out a breath and smiles at him.


Later Louis is in his PE class freaking out. Louis is clumsy and they wanted him to play volleyball, a very bad combination. He's standing there when the ball comes at him, not knowing what to do he hits it which sends it flying. It hits someone in the head and he gasps running over to apologize. Why him? it's his first day he just wanted to blend in. Instead, he's embarrassing himself.

 "I'm sorry! I told them not to let me play" he hurriedly spits out at the guy. Louis was shocked when he said it was fine. "You're Louis right?" Louis says yes, still a little embarrassed, The guy introduces himself as Mike Newton, grabbing his hand to shake it. 

After they pull away a girl Louis had never seen before runs up, "he's got a great spike yeah?" she says to Mike, laughing. She turns to Louis, "I'm Jessica by the way" and smiles. Louis just nods because he honestly could care less. She's too perky.

 "Hey, you're from Arizona, right? Aren't people from Arizona supposed to be like, really tan?" It's then Louis realizes she's trying to impress Mike with her terrible sense of humor, so he plays along with it because why not? "Yeah, maybe that's why they kicked me out".


It's now lunch and Louis is sitting there when he looks at the door. He goes to look away when suddenly these people walk in. "Who are they?" Louis says not looking away. Jessica already knows what he's talking about without looking.

"They're Doctor and Mrs. Styles foster kids. They moved down here a few years ago". 

"They keep to themselves," Angela who Louis met a while ago says quietly. Jessica laughs, "Yeah, 'cause they're all together. Like together," She says raising her eyebrows in a suggestive matter. Louis just looks back over not commenting.

"The blonde girl? That's Gemma, and the girl beside her with glasses is Stori, they're like a thing" Louis looks over to see them laughing, 'they're beautiful together ' Louis thinks to himself. 

"Okay, the little blonde-haired boy is Niall, he's with Liam and Zayn. They're in a poly relationship together. Weird, but I will admit they compliment each other well", Jessica shrugs stabbing at her salad.

Niall was twirling between them and smiling, Louis looked at the two guys and studied them. Both were covered in tattoos and looked intimidating. Liam looked like he lived at the gym where Zayn wasn't as big but definitely had muscle.

Louis looked at the last person walking in and lost his breath. 

Louis has seen some fine men in his life, but nothing beats the man walking in now. He walked in with a smirk on his face like he knew something everyone else didn't. 

Jessica said his name was Harry Styles. Louis couldn't pull his eyes away as he walked past, he was ready to drop to his knees for this man. "Seriously, don't waste your time," Jessica said noticing the look on his face. Louis scoffed and told her he wasn't, but he looked back at their table. When he looked back he noticed Harry was looking at him with his eyebrows drawn together. 

His world just turned upside down.


Louis walked into his Biology class noticing Harry was in here. He saw him tense up and he looked away walking to the teacher. He was then given his books and told to sit in the only free sit, coincidently right next to Harry.

 Louis instantly felt chills when he sat down and tried to ignore it staring ahead. It was hard seeing as Harry looked at him the entire hour. Louis went to move a little, feeling the stare when part of his chair scratched at his leg. Not only his leg but his cut that scabbed over from the previous night. 

He looked down to see it bleeding and at that very second Harry shot up and walked out right when the bell rang.

Louis walked out of the bathroom after cleaning up his leg and headed to the office to hand in some paperwork. When he walked in he saw Harry in there, trying to change his classes and getting told he couldn't. Harry stared at him for a minute before walking past him and storming out. Louis stood still before running out and heading home.


Later that night Louis was in bed wearing a silk nightie and doing homework. More like trying as he was talking to his mom. "Is everyone nice?", Jay asked questionably. Louis sighed thinking back to Harry and what happened, "Well, they're all very welcoming" Louis said sarcastically. Jay knew that tone.

 "uh oh, tell me all about it", Louis shook his head to himself saying it didn't matter and not to worry. He tells her he has some homework to finish and quickly hangs up. 


Later that night Louis was thinking of Harry. He doesn't understand what he did to offend him that much, and it's making him sad. Why? he doesn't fucking know. He's never even talked to him yet all he can think about is Harry, it's infuriating how much he is messing with his mind. Louis decides with a firm nod, he's going to confront him no matter what so it stops eating away at him. With that in mind, he turns on his side and closes his eyes.

That night Louis dreams of Harry.


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