Chapter 1.

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I've never given much thought to how I would die, but dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go.


Louis stood for the last time in Phoenix soaking up every last bit of sun he could. He couldn't believe it, he was about to leave everything behind to move to a place he hasn't visited in years. With that in mind Louis opened his eyes to look at his mom, and suddenly remembered why he came to the decision he made.

Although he would miss it all, especially his mom, they wanted to travel so he's going to stay with his dad. He feels bad having not visited in so long, but life got in the way.


Louis was now sadly in his dad's police car heading to a small town called Forks. How small? 3,120 people to be exact. It was constantly gloomy, 'much like his mood as of recently' he thought to himself, letting out a small sigh.

His dad, Troy, was the chief of police. He was also very awkward. "Your hairs longer," he said glancing over at his son. Louis reached up to his hair just above his small ears, "I've cut it since the last time I saw you" he said grabbing his baby plant again. Troy awkwardly smiled, "guess it grew out again". Louis just hummed and the rest of the ride was spent in silence.

After 10 minutes or so they pulled up to the house. Louis remembers how often he use to visit, making him feel even worse. Troy tells him he cleared some space in the bathroom, reminding Louis there's only one bathroom. How fun.

They walk into his room and he surveys it, looking at the pastel yellow walls, making him smile a little. "The lamp works, and they didn't have many options for bedding so I hope pink is okay," he tells Louis standing in the middle. Louis turns to look at it nodding, "Pinks cool, thanks".

Troy takes that as his cue to leave, letting Louis get situated.


Louis hears a loud sound outside his window a while later so he goes to check it, seeing an orange truck parked outside with Troy and 2 other people standing around it. He walks outside to see because he's nosy, sue him.

Upon opening the door he sees a man in a wheelchair who he faintly recognizes and someone behind him. "Louis you remember Billy Black," Troy says, leaning against the car. Louis nods, "Yeah, you're looking good" he reaches out to shake his hand. Billy chuckles and tells him his dad talked about him a lot and wouldn't shut up, causing Louis to laugh and smile.

Troy and Billy start messing with each other when the person (who Louis finds out is Jacob Black, Billy's son) walks up to him. After talking some more Louis finds out the truck is his and feels so excited. He was worried about being dropped off in the police car, he hates attention.

Once in the car, Jacob explains some things about it and such but Louis was too excited to really listen, just nodding along. "Do you want a ride to school or something?" Louis says looking at Jake. Jacob gives him a small smile, "I go to school on the reservation". Louis nods, but couldn't help feeling disappointed knowing he'd be alone on his first day in a new school.


Later that night Louis takes a shower, washing extra well, and shaving. He was thinking about what the next day would bring and was a little nervous. Not paying attention to what he was doing, he cuts his leg a little, letting out a small hiss at the sting it brought. He pulls away and wipes the blood, after making sure it's fine he safely finishes shaving.

Louis steps out of the shower wrapping a towel around his body, he quickly dries off and throws on his small shorts and an oversized top. He walks out yelling goodnight to his dad and walks into his room. Letting out a sigh he shuts the door and gets into bed. 

He slept peacefully that night but little did he know his life was about to change. 


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