Thorin Oakenshield fanfic

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-Scarlet's POV-

I haven't seen my distant cousin Bilbo Baggins in quite some time, so I figured it was time for a visit.

We had always been close, ever since we were young hobbits running through the forest in search of elves.

I had always wanted to find the elves and inquire of my father.

I am not fully a hobbit. My mother was quite an adventurous young woman at one point, and had run into an elf man at Elverground. And that's where I had come in. She came back to The Shire and had me.

From afar, I may look like any other hobbit, but up close, the differences are clear. I am not as big-boned as my relatives. My hair is a very light blond, as my fathers clearly was. I am quite slim for a hobbit, but that does not mean I am in any way less strong.

My crystal blue eyes and hair have always been my trade mark.

I was leaving Buckland that morning, and was to reach Bilbo's by dinner. I had other family to see as well; For which I was happy; Bilbo always had a lot of food.

I walked out my door.

- - -

The sun was behind the hills when Bag End came into view. I pushed my hair behind my ear and kept walking.

I walked up the pathway, looking into my basket of vegetables that I had brought for dinner, when I slammed into something hard as rock.

I gasped as I fell backwards, effectively dropping my basket and everything in it. I quickly got to my knees and began to pick everything up.

The "rock" had bent down to help me. Large, manly hands handed me a tomato. I took it, and looked up at the face of this kind man to thank him.

As I did, my breath had left me. His beautiful blue eyes were stunning.

"Th- thank you." I composed myself and gave him a smile as I stood up. He stood after me.

"My pleasure." He smiled in return.

He was a little taller than me, and clearly not a hobbit. This was a dwarf.

I continued to look at him, confused.

He looked down, clearly uncomfortable.

I shook my head and apologized.

"I'm sorry. I am just not accustomed to seeing anything excepts hobbits here. Certainly not dwarves."

He nodded. "It is quite alright. I am not used to you hobbits either."

"May I ask why you are in the Shire, master dwarf?"

"Thorin. And I was called here by a wi- a friend."

She looked into his eyes. He seemed a little lost.

"Perhaps I could help you find your destination?"

He seemed skeptical for a moment, almost he didn't want to give away anything, then finally said, "I am looking for a Baggins."

I was taken by surprise. Why on earth would a dwarf want anything to do with Bilbo?

"Well, you're in luck. I was just headed there myself."

He looked just as surprised as I was.

I walked past him towards Bag End, and he followed reluctantly.

I got to the door and gave three knocks. Thorin stood beside me, a wary look on his face. He looked at door, and something caught his eye, near the bottom. Before I could look, the green door opened.