Newtmas | AU | Movie Marathons

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"Movie Marathons"

Thomas set the last of the food and drinks on the wooden coffee table, ready for the movie marathon he was about to have with his boyfriend, Newt. He stood there with his hands on his hips staring at it all, zoning out slightly until the microwave beeped and the aroma of popcorn filled the house. Thomas walked into the kitchen and was met with Newt, who was pulling the bowl of popcorn out from the microwave already. Newt caught Thomas out of the corner of his eye and smiled at him, sliding the bowl along the bench beside him as he stepped in front the brunette,

"Ready?" He whispered on Thomas' lips,

"Ready," The younger boy agreed before attaching his lips to Newts in a quick but passionate kiss, "let's go," he pulled back and grabbed a giggling Newts free hand, dragging him into the living room.


Thomas held the bowl of popcorn while he watched Newt take a seat on the left side of the couch. Once the blond was comfortable, Thomas sat down to his right, snuggling tightly into Newt's side as the boy wrapped an arm behind the brunette back and pulled him in closer. Thomas reached over and grabbed a drink from the table before leaning back, pausing to look into Newts eyes. The older boy looked from Thomas' eyes to his lips then back at his eyes before quickly pecking his rose lips and pulling him back into his chest as they both slumped down slightly. Thomas opened the drink as Newt started devouring the popcorn, flicking the t.v. on while he screwed the bottle top back on,

"Open," Newt instructed Thomas with a smile as he grabbed a handful of popcorn.

Thomas obeyed and opened his mouth. Newt fed him what was in his hand before they both turned their attention to the movie that was just starting to play. Thomas pressed his left cheek against his boyfriends right shoulder as he swung his legs over the older boys, dangling them in the middle. Newt chuckled lightly and brought his hand up to Thomas' hair, starting to gently comb through it with his fingers. Thomas snuggled in tighter during the movie kissing the British boys cheek every now and then as he enjoyed having his hair played with.


The first few movies had finished and Thomas was getting really hungry and decided to order a pizza while Newt ran off to the bathroom. The pizza arrived pretty quickly, luckily, because Newt was dying to watch the next movie. Thomas giggled as he lead the older boy towards the couch, Newts hand in one of his and the pizza in the other. The brunette sat down on the couch, leaning his back against the armrest while spreading his legs out across the cushions, placing the pizza box in his lap. Newt carefully climbed over Thomas and squished himself between the boys body and the couch, resting his head on Thomas' left shoulder as he pressed play on their next movie. Thomas took a bite of pizza before holding the slice towards Newt, offering him a bite, which he gladly took. The blond placed his hand on Thomas' chest, gently rubbing circles against his shirt while Thomas twirled Newts hair within his left fingers, keeping his eyes glued to the screen, stealing the occasional glance at the Brit when the boy would distract him by kissing his cheek then acting like he did nothing.


First Newtmas imagine what'd ya think?

I want to do a fanfic (Actually 2, one Glade and one AU) but I'm in my second last year of schooling so my work load is massive.

The next imagine is sooo much better then this one I promise, the next is actually one of my favourites :)

Dazza xx

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