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"That boy is really getting into my nerves!" I said to Kristy as she let out a laugh.

"You know, you're both idiots." She laughed.

"And why is that?" I asked annoyed.

"You should've asked some people there if they have an extra of that guitar."

"Whatever, smarty pants."

Kristy decided to go to McDonald's because she's complaining that her stomach is grumbling, that she is hungry. Well, I'm hungry as well so we decided to go there.

"Why is there a lot of people here?" Kristy whispered to me and I just shrugged.

"I don't know, maybe a celebrity's in there?"

"Then we should look and see!" Kristy squealed, practically pulling me there.

"Ugh, damn it I'm hungry!" I whined as we squeezed into the crowd.

"The fuck, Michael?" I almost screeched as I saw him being tackled by girls.

"Hailey, help!" He cried out as girls touch him everywhere. It's like a gang rape.

"And why would I help you?" I crossed my arms, glaring at him.

"Because I need help?" He groaned.

"Damn it." I squeeze again to the crowd and pulled Michael out of there.

"And who the hell are you?" The girl, with a high pitched voice that made me almost slap her because it's so annoying, spoke.

"I'm..." I looked at Michael for help of a lie. He mouthed 'girlfriend' "His girlfriend." I followed Michael's plan and I don't know why.

"So you bitches better stay away from him or I'll kick your asses." I smirked, my hands still crossed on my chest.

"Bitch." One said, rolling her eyes then walking away along with the others.

"What the hell Michael?" I asked as Michael fix his tousled hair. "Making out with girls on public?"

"Damn, no I'm not! They just attacked me, I don't know where Luke went." He sighed. I looked at my back and Kristy is nowhere to be seen.

"And where the fuck is Kristy?"

"And where the fuck is Luke?"

Michael and I said in unison, and that's when Luke came out from nowhere with Kristy.

"Where the hell have you been?" I groaned in an annoyed tone.

I blame that freaking guitar and my freaking period. Ugh.

"I helped Luke hide." Kristy spoke up and I groaned.

"Kristy, we are leaving." I said sternly and she pouted.

"But I'm hungry." She whined like a child.

"Okay then, stay. We'll treat you guys for helping us." Luke offered.

"Hailey, please?" Kristy pouted, I nodded sighing. I really can't resist when it's Kristy.

Michael and Luke sat across us, Kristy and Luke seems to be already close, while me and Michael was in silence.

"Why are you both so quiet?" Kristy asked and Luke nodded.

"I don't talk to assholes."

"I don't talk to bitches."

Michael and I said in unison. What's up with me and Michael speaking at the same time.

"Then what's with Hailey saving Michael?" Luke asked innocently. My eyes widened.

"You saw that?" I asked Luke and Kris and him nodded.

"Well, that will only happen once." I sighed and Michael agreed with a nod.

"Will it be, though?" Kris teased and I kicked her under the table.

"Shut your filthy mouth." I scowled.

"Okay, damn, easy." Kris laughed along with Luke.

I rolled my eyes at the both of them.

"Kris, will you come with me to order?" Luke as and Kris didn't hesitated, and followed Luke to the direction of the counter. I started to get a Percy Jackson book on my bag while we wait for our food.

"Percy Jackson? Tsk. Lame." Michael teased.

"Asshole." I growled.

"Bitch." He chuckled.

No one spoke after that.


hey hi new story

i don't even planned how this story will be, i'll just go with the floow.

so like with omegle, this story will be short with short chapters cause i'm a lazy writer. LOL.


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