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"Damn, I need a new guitar." I muttered to myself.

"Why won't you look for one?" My friend, Kristy, requested, pointing at the guitar shop.

She smiled and led me to the guitar shop, there was a lot of guitars displayed there and they are all pretty.

But they look so simple, I want a unique guitar, with some unique color, too.

Kristy and I looked around for a while, did I mention the place was huge? They all have kinds so guitar, acoustic, electric, and even a guitar with 12 strings! They even sell bass, cool, right?

We got to the third floor (told you it was big) I held my chin as I looked for my desire. They all looked alike, I want some unique guitar and I want an electric one, because my last electric guitar was ruined by my brother. He's an ass.

"Found it!" I squealed and held unto the guitar. But some person held it the time I held unto it.

"The fuck?" The red-haired boy hissed then looked at his blond friend who is just amusedly watching us, same to Kristy.

"I got it first!" I argued.

"No you don't!" He argued.

I made a good look at him, eyebrow piercing, black round earrings, red hair, and he looks like he's dying his hair a lot, pale skin color, band shirts and tight jeans.

"This. Is. Mine." I said sternly.

"No, mine." He mocked me and I rolled my eyes.

"Michael, just let her have it. You have some other choices, right?" Blondie told 'Michael'.

"No, Luke. I want this and that's final." 'Michael' said back to 'Luke'.

"This is mine." I repeated and he rolled his eyes.

"I want this." He argued once again and I'm getting annoyed.

Why won't he just let me have it?

"God damn it, 'Michael', just let me have it." I said quoting Michael with my one free hand.

"Well, guess what, 'bitch', I need this, I want this, I'll have it." He said and my jaw dropped.

Did he just called me a bitch?

"How dare you call me a bitch, asshole." I hissed.

"Because you're acting like one." He stated simply, and I swear my blood is boiling.

"Hailey, let's go, let him have it." Kristy sighed and I groaned.

"No." I pouted. "I want this."

"Hailey," she whined.

"Kristy, god damn, are you not gonna take my side?" I groaned. I looked back at Michael and he's just watching us, his hand on his hips and his other hand holding the guitar.

"Let it go, Hailey." Michael smirked.

"Fuck you." I muttered before walking away with Kristy following me behind.

If looks could kill, Michael could be dead by now.


another story! I just finished Omegle so I decided I'll start this

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