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It's time to start from fresh, The past couple weeks Maya and I was split , I missed her like crazy. Mel came to me in a dream telling me it was time to let go and bring her home, I kinda laughed saying I wasn't the one who made her leave the house, she did. He of course smacked me aside the head like he always did. I miss my brother

"I'm hungry" MJ said to his mama

"What you wanna eat?" She asked picking him up

"Ravioli. " he said smiling

"Okay! Ravioli it is." She said smiling

*Autumn, TJ, & April come in*

"How was your date?" I asked TJ

"You had a date and didn't tell me?" Maya asked putting her hands on her him aiming for him to come to her

*TJ walks to her*

"I'm sorry, Auntie" he said with a smile

"Nope. I'm mad at chu" she said pretending to cry

"Yo I'm gone knock you out TJ! Got my woman crying. Come here baby!" I said chuckling and holding Maya

"My baby growing up on me." she said crying for real

"Oh now you really made her cry..."

"I'm sorry, Auntie." he said trying to hug her

I let go so he could get a proper hug. She kissed his forehead and hugged him

"It went good but, something's going on with that girl.."

"Like what?" We asked

"I don't know, April won't tell me.."

"Can't tell you, Thats classified info." April said walking up the stairs

"See, I'm about to be around this girl and April won't tell me shit"

"Watch your language in my house, TJ"

"Sorry, Auntie. But talk to her for me.
Please. I want to know what the big secret is!"


"I will, Go get the door!" I said

He went and opened the door

"Hey Travis, Hey Nana"

*Travis daps Hum and momma hugs him*

"Hey Y'all" I said smiling and hugging my bro and mom

"Hey baby" mama said hugging me

"Oh y'all early!" Maya said smiling

Mama smiled, "And I see you're still beautiful as ever."

I smiled

"Aw, Thank you mama."

"You welcome, sweetheart!"

"TJ, baby can you take the bags up to the room and get the kids for me?" Maya asked

"Yeah" TJ said grabbing mamas bags

Maya went over and started on the food while I chatted it up with Travis and Mama

"So, Ma you thinking about moving down here?"

"Nah baby, I don't think so. Texas is for me."

"What bout you Trav?"

"You know I'm gone stick by your side but I don know about moving out here, But I'm thinking about it"

*April, Autumn, MJ & TJ come downstaies*!

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