The Introduction of Far Cry 3

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Here comes another adventure in life from the hottest video game today Far Cry 3. This is a game where skills are required such as looting, climbing, stabbing and shooting. Far Cry 3 comes in a different style in action when compared to the previous version of the Far Cry. However, regardless of its presentation you can rest assured that this will give you the fun you are looking for.

In the game Jason Brody came across with the wonderful and stunning island for vacation however without knowing that the place is playground for the bandits, who just disturbed the vacation of Brody and his friends and eventually captured them. In the game it start where Brody after his crew have been captured and have to escape and became a sneaking warrior in the jungle with stealth taking the lives of the bandit in order to survive in the game.

Some says that the plot is not good but this one thing I can see is that the game is full of action and surprises. For instance in the beginning Brody can make it to escape in the helicopter however, this was hindered because it was hit by rpg and ones more he got caught by Vass and was executed into the river with tie hands and a concrete block in his legs. Fortunately, he manage to escape and there the action continues.

In the game though virtual you can appreciate the beautiful feature of the island from the jungle, white sand, sunset and vegetation and more which is a wonderful spot for combat and a good terrain for secret plot and sneaking. The jungle and the green plants are the advantages for the gamer hide in the bushes wait for the kill one by one. As the enemy approaches you can wait until the icon Takedown and kill the enemy in the stealth move.

To enjoy this game for free and you can check out this link and be sure to follow the download page to get the password and start to have fun and discover the action, role playing game and first person combine in the game. Have fun now!!!!

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