6. Sunburns

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Obviously, I couldn't tell Sky how I felt. I couldn't just walk up to him and tell him I liked him. It would've been easier if he were a girl, but he was not.

"There's a snake here!" Sky yelled somewhere behind the barn.

"Why do you say it like that's a good thing..." I sighed quietly so he couldn't hear me.

I walked closer to the barn, watching carefully where I placed my feet. I did not want to step on a snake. "Are you sure it's safe for us to stay the night here?" I asked loudly so he could hear me.

"I'm sure, this guy's not venomous," Sky spoke reassuringly. "I didn't see any tracks that could belong to dangerous animals."

I walked around the corner and saw a huge rock right next to the barn. The sun was shining brightly, warming up the rock, and on top of it was the snake.

"Oh God, that's an actual snake!" I yelped before I could stop myself.

"Of course it is," Sky chuckled, standing way too close to the slithery thing.

"Are you sure it's not venomous?" I asked carefully.

"I'm sure," Sky said with a smile, turning to look at me. "Come! I think I saw the nest!"

Sky skipped to me and took my hand again. Then he led me towards the other end of the barn.

"Here! See! Up there!" Sky said and pointed at the roof.

I saw a small opening in the wall right under the roof, and a part of something that looked like a big, messy pile of feathers, small branches, and hay.

"Okay, so the owls are definitely here," I said with a slightly high-pitched voice.

I'd had no idea what I was signing up for when I agreed to let Sky choose our subject. I looked around in the yard, getting more than reluctant to spend a single night at the place. I couldn't hear any cars passing by, so there were no roads anywhere near us. There was no one living close by. The place was completely deserted.

Sky was right, I was a city boy.

But... I turned to look at him. He was still holding my hand in his. His hand was way smaller than mine, and it was warm, and his skin was soft. I stole a glimpse of his face. He was still staring at the nest with a huge grin on his lips. His blue eyes were sparkling in excitement, and his blond hair was shifting a little in the light wind.

Then he looked at me, beaming with joy. His eyes were narrowed by the size of his smile, and all of a sudden, I couldn't see anything else except him. I hardly even noticed the stupid smirk I had on my lips when I stared at him.

And we were still holding hands.

"Should we climb up to see it closer?" Sky suggested, waking me up from my trance.

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