#43 Liam/Jackson

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I drove my sleek silver car down the familiar streets of Beacon Hills.  It felt nice to be back here after spending so long away from here.  I was basically driving around the town aimlessly until I could make up my mind on who to see first.  I mean, I didn't really leave everyone on the best terms after the whole kanima thing... and killing people as the kanima.....

I let out a deep sigh as I took another left turn and before long I found myself pulling up to Scott's house.  Out of the whole group, Scott had to be the most open minded and forgiving.  And I know that Scott and I were never close, but if I'm going to try and ease my way back into the town, he might be the easiest to start with.  That and I'd love to see his shocked face when he sees that I'm back.

I parked my car halfway up his driveway, and hoped out after turning the ignition off.  The house still looked the same as I left.  A beautiful quaint little home.  It only pushed me to feel more at ease, seeing yet another familiar thing.  I took a deep breath as I strolled up to the front door of McCall's house.

I rested my hand against the hard wood of the door, before slowly rapping it against the door.  There was silence at first, and then I heard the footsteps.  My eyes flashed to the ever rising full moon in the sky as I took a deep breath to calm my wolf.  Eventually, the door open to reveal Stiles.

He was a bit taller than I remembered, and he actually seemed to have gained a bit of muscle, if that was even possible for someone like Stilinski.  He had bags under his eyes as if he hadn't been sleeping well and the white shirt hanging on his frame, seemed to be stained with blood....

"Jackson?" he gasped, slightly taken aback by the sudden sight of seeing me after the past year or so of me being gone.

"Who's blood is that?" I quizzed, ignoring his question and pushing into the house.

"It's either mine... or Scott's..... or Liam's..... it's been a hectic night" he sighed "Liam's still learning to control himself."

"Liam?" I questioned the mention of an unfamiliar name.  Understanding seemed to dawn in his eyes as he seemed to realize that I didn't know Liam.

"He's the freshman that Scott turned" Stiles stated, as an awkward hand scratched the back of his neck "come on, we have him chained in Scott's room.  We could use all the help we can get."

"Hmmm, a bit kinky... not really my kind of thing" I stated in my usual sarcastic tone.

"Just shut up and follow me Jackson" he sighed as he led the way upstairs.

"And Scott turned someone?  What happened to Scott being the good guy?" I asked in a mocking tone "I guess once I left, everyone decided to lose their minds."

"He bit him to save his life" Stiles snapped coldly, as he whipped around to face me "and just because you've been gone for a year, doesn't mean that we are just automatically friends now Jackson."  I rose my hands in surrender as he slowly turned back around and we finally continued down the hall to find Scott standing with his arms crossed just outside of his closed door.

"Guess who decided to just show up after a year" Stiles grumbled and Scott quickly looked up, his eyebrows raising as he saw me.

"Well, great timing Jackson.  You can take a turn watching Liam and making sure he doesn't break free" he grinned, but I could tell he was exhausted.

"Is it the kid's first full moon?" I quizzed knowingly, but Scott quickly shook his head.

"It's his fourth" Scott sighed "that kid's got enough rage to power a war.  Don't get me wrong, he's a great guy, just..."  I pursed my lips as I listened to the growling coming from inside Scott's room.

"Do you mind if I-?" I asked, nodding at his door.  He gestured for me to go ahead and I slowly slipped into the room, closing the door behind me.  My eyes locked on this new wolf Scott had turned, Liam, immediately.  Sweat was dripping down his tanned face, boardering his bright, glowing, yellow eyes as he snarled and pulled at the chains, bound to his wrists.  His hair a was a beautiful dirty blonde color that fit him great, but it was matted down with sweat at the moment.

"Hey Liam, you look to be having a bit of trouble there" I whispered and him as he let out a loud angry huff.

"Get out" he growled.

"Sorry, no can do" I shrugged "Scott's put me on babysitting duty... but I'm not quite sure you need it."  His face whipped up to look at me, part fear and part anger.

"In fact, I think that I'm just going to let you out" I offered as I leaned forward toward the lock on the chain.

"No, I don't want to hurt anyone" he panted heavily.

"I don't think you will hurt anyone" he shrugged "not if you don't really want to."  I then whipped my claw out, sliding it into the lock, only to have Liam jump at me, tackling me to the floor.  He was breathing hard, his teeth bared only inches from my face.  I could tell it was taking everything in him to not to sink his teeth into me.

"Control it Liam" I stated simply "the only way you are ever going to learn control is to use your anger to fight your wolf."  I remembered the words as my alpha in England had said them to me.

"I can't" I growled.

"Yes you can.  I believe you can" I whispered to him "I believe in you Liam."  It was then that I watched his wolfish features starting to fade.

"You don't even know me" he whispered back as his face slowly began to start looking human again.

"Maybe I don't, but look at yourself Liam.  I guess all you needed was for someone to believe in you" I stated in confidence, only to notice that he was still pinning me to the ground.... but somehow I didn't mind.

"But why?  How?  How can you believe in me if you don't even know me?" he quizzed in awe.

"Maybe because I see a lot of myself in you, and I know what it feels like to feel like no one believes in you" I shrugged.  It was in that moment that his head swooped down, pressing a kiss to my lips before he quickly pulled away with wide eyes.

"I'm sorry" he whispered, sitting back away from me.  I bit my lip as I leaned toward him.

"Well I'm not" I whispered back.... and then I kissed him.....


Hey guys, here is another one shot for you.  I hope you all enjoyed and I'll try and update again real soon.  Thanks for reading!  ^_^

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