#42 Scisaac (Scott/Isaac)

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Isaac and I got out of the movies at about 11:30.  We had ended up seeing some typical zombie movie.  Literally, the whole plot had been so predictable, nothing extraordinary about it at all.

"You know, I was really hoping for a suprise ending or twist or something" Isaac rambled on and on about the movie, causing me to smile at all his ridiculous points he made.

"Though I did find it awesome when he used his scarf to choke out a zombie" he stated with pride as he fiddled with his own scarf "I told you scarf's can come in handy Scott."

"Well I guess now you have proof don't you" I smirked, turned around and planting a quick peck on his lips "would you and your scarf like to share a shake at McDonalds before I drop you home?"  He bit his lip, his eyes sliding to the side as he tried to supress a smile.

"I suppose we could" he shrugged "I mean, it's not like we have a curfew.  It's saturday."  I grinned at him, as I snatched up his hand and dragged him toward my car.

"Exactly" I chanted excitedly...


"Haha, time to finally have my chocolate shake" I cheered happily as we strolled into the resturant and Isaac just shook his head at me.

"You're ridiculous" he sighed in amusement.

"Well, can you blame me?  We haven't had anything coming to kill us in weeks now" I shrugged with a smile "and besides, that's what you love about me."  I leaned forward, grabbing the front of his jacket with a grin.  I was about to kiss him when the voice of a woman startled me.

"Hello, what can I get for you today?" she quizzed, and I pulled away from Isaac, resting my hands on the counter.

"I'll take the chocolate shake" I offered and then looked over at Isaac's face scanning the menu and the cashier lady giving him very flirty looks.   I couldn't help but be upset by it. I looked back to the lady before saying, my tone pinched "and he'll take the oreo McFlurry."  The lady started to ring it up in the cash register as Isaac turned on me.

"Hey" he stated, I was still deciding.

"Oh come on hun, you know you would've ordered that anyway" I sighed a bit bitterly, not meeting his eyes with mine.

"No I wasn't" he pouted.

"Oh come on, don't be such a grouch" I frowned at him slightly "if you were'nt going to order that, then what were you going to order?"  I watched as his cheeks slowly flushed pink.

"I was going to order the McFlurry" he admitted and I shook my head at him

"Oh is that so" I chuckled "well isn't that just hilarious."  Isaac's face contorted in confusion at my sudden burst of bitter anger.  He let out a frustrated sigh, crossing his arms and shaking his head at me.

"Now about  your payment" the woman stated but I couldn't help but be a bit down.  I knew that I had upset Isaac pretty bad and that was never my intention.  I just got so jealous that this lady seemed to be so into him, into my Isaac.

"Oh yeah" I sighed "how much do I owe you?"  I pulled my wallet from my pocket as I began to leaf through the money.

"You don't owe me anything" she explained and I looked up at her confused "that is, if you call up someone you love and tell them how much you love them."  I quirked an eyebrow at her.

"Excuse me?" I asked in puzzlement.

"It's a new thing McDonalds is doing.  Random customers are chosen to pay with acts of love, if they are willing" she shrugged her eyes flashing over at Isaac momentarily.  I held back a growl, pursed my lips and leaned forward.

"Do I have to call if they are in this very room?" I whispered her ear, hoping that Isaac didn't hear.

"Well I suppose not.  I think it would still count if you said how much you love them" she offered and I grinned as I spun around toward Isaac, grabbing his scarf and gently pulling him toward me.

"I'm sorry that I've made you upset" I whispered, loud enough for the woman to hear too "I just wanted this night to be perfect since we haven't had much time with just the two of us lately and I hate that I just screwed it up, because I love you.  It's just sometimes I wonder if you'd rather date a girl, I mean, it'd be so much easier wouldn't it."  The anger and frustration seemed to melt off his face as he slowly cast his glance downward.

"Easier, sure.  Probably a lot easier than this" he offered and I frowned letting go of his scarf, beginning to turn back to the cashier, but he stopped me.

"Hey" he stated abruptly "just because it would be easier doesn't mean that it's what I want.  I take you over, well, anyone else, any day."  I felt a light feeling in my chest at his words.

"What can I say" he grinned "I guess I've fallen for your dark hair and chocolate eyes.  I love you Scott."  I grinned as I leaned up on my tip toes, pressing a long passionate kiss on his lips that seemed to last forever.

"Uh, okay guys.  You've fully paid for you ice cream" the woman stated awkwardly "um, guys?"  I held up a hand to her, waving her away, as I continued to kiss my amazing boyfriend.....


Alright guys, so here is another teen wolf one shot.  I hope you all enjoyed and I promise I will try and update again real soon.  I got a bit of inspiration for this one shot when I saw a McDonald commercial saying that random customers were being picked to pay with acts of love, so yeah.  Thanks for reading. 

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