#41 Sciam (Scott/Liam)

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"Come on Scott, how much longer do we have to keep doing this" I groaned, as he got ready for yet another spare "I'm supposed to be hanging out with Mason in an hour, and I kind of don't want to smell like sweat."

"You need to be prepared" Scott explained, clenching and unclenching his fists "you never know when the next threat will pop up."  He quickly took a jab at me, but I jumped out of the way.

"Look, I know your still on edge from all the crap that's been happening lately, but look around you" I gestured with my hands at the open field and setting sun "I think you can relax.  There's no imediate threats."  I quickly shot my foot at his ribs, but he jumped away quicker than I could react.

"That's the same thing I thought right before the alphas came to town" he argued shooting his hand out and clipping my arm "that's the same thing I thought before Stiles got possessed by some evil kitsune.  It's only a matter of time Liam."  I barrel rolled backwards, just barely missing Scott's fast kick.

"Scott..." I trailed off with a sigh.  Scott seemed to let his fighting stance ease a bit.

"Fine, fine" he relented "a few more spars and then you can run off and go hang with Liam."

"Really?" I stated in shock, but was caught off guard as he jumped on top of me holding me to the ground.

"That's a seventh win for me.  Rule one of fighting, don't let yourself get distracted" he smirked in my ear with my face against the grass, before releasing me up "though I suppose if you can beat me this time, I'll let you go early."  I perked up at the though of getting out of sparing if I won the fight.

"Okay, you're on" I grinned, kneeling down in my fighting stance.  He grinned back at me before he too, got into his fighting stance.  I made the first move, whipping a hand at him.  He easily deflected it with his forearm as he shot his leg out and connected it with my hip.  I winced in pain as I sidestepped away.  He had a cocky look on his face, like he knew he was going to win... but I had other plans.

"Love you Scotty" I cheered with a smirk and his steps seemed to faulter slightly.  I took that as my opportunity, diving toward him and tackling him to the ground, pinning his chest down with me.

"What was it you stated about never letting yourself get distracted?" I grinned at him cockily, but faster that I could process, he flipped us over and suddenly he was on top, pinning me down.

"Yeah, but the second rule is knowing how to get out of a pin" he stated amused before his amusement slowly faded "did you mean it?"  His tone was serious when he asked this question.

"Mean what?" I asked as I furrowed my eyebrows.  His face seemed fall before he pushed off of me and started to walk away.

"Where are you going?!" I chanted after him, as I picked myself up off of the grass "Mean what?!"

"It doesn't matter Liam!" he waved lazily, his back still turned to me as he walked away "Good night."  I pursed my lips as I watched him, before finally deciding to run after him.

"You can just leave that question hanging in the air Scott, because now I have to know" I argued as I ran after him, finally catching up.  He stopped abruptly and I crashed right into his muscular back.  He turned around, grabbing my shoulders and steadying me before I could fall over.

"Trust me Liam, it was nothing" he insisted, his fingers still lingering on my arms.  Though he said it so convincingly that I almost believed him.  Though I think it was something of the whole pack bond that told me he was lying.

"It didn't sound like nothing when you asked it" I pointed out.  He seemed to finally notice his hands on my arms and quickly pulled them away.

"Don't you have to go meet up with Mason or something?" he stated out of the blue in a failed attempt to change the subject.

"Mason can wait, I'm never usually on time anyway" I shrugged.

"Well, maybe today can finally be a first for you" he suggested as he turned around but I quickly shot my hand out, grabbing his wrist.  He seemed to tense up at the touch.

"Look, if I did anything that upset you, I swear I didn't mean it" I whispered desperatly.  The tension seemed to leave his body as he turned to face me once more.

"You think you did something to upset me?" he whispered in light shock "Liam, that is far from the truth.  Why would you even think that?"

"I don't know Scott, you're not exactly an open book" I snapped "Though of course, whenever I say this to someone else they think I'm crazy, so maybe it's just me.  Maybe you just don't trust me or something."

"I love you" he finally whispered and I drew my head back slightly in confusion.

"What?" I asked puzzled.

"That's why I don't tell you everything Liam" he explained "because I'm scared to death that I'll say the wrong thing and I'll scare you off.  Because I love you Liam."

"I....uh....okay?" I whispered at a loss for what to say.

"See, that's what I was afraid of" he sighed "just forget I said anything."  He turned around, his wrist falling from my grasp, and he began to stroll away and I was left standing there with a clouded head and a suprisingly heavy heart....



"What a fun saturday night" I murmured to myself as I flicked through the movie channels on the tv "first I get rejected by Liam and now I'm about to watch a stupid movie all by myself."  I let out a loud sigh as I finally tossed the tv remote on the floor, giving up.

"Although I don't know what I was expecting" I grunted "First of all Liam's straight.  Second of all, the happy enddings only ever happen in the movies."  It was at that moment that the doorbell rang and I stood up.  It was probably the pizza guy, though I wasn't expecting him to come so fast.

"Coming" I chanted loudly in the direction of the door, quickly snatching the pizza money off the counter and hurrying down the hallway toward the door.  When I finally reached the door, I pulled it open and was met with a big suprise.  It was Liam.

"Look, before you shut the door in my face for being a jerk, it wasn't exactly my fault" he reason in a rush "you kind of just sprung all of this on me in one go."

"So now what, you just decided to come over to my house to rub some more salt in the wound Liam?" I groaned "I think I'll pass."  I went to shut the door, but his hand quickly slammed the other side, keeping it open.

"Wait" he chanted and I grudgingly opened the door fully, only to be pushed backward by the force of Liam pressing his lips to mine.  I was caught off gaurd for a moment, just standing there dumbfoundedly, before I finally started kissing him back, wrapping my arms around his waist and his wrapped around my neck before we pulled away only slightly.

"You didn't let me finish" he whispered "because I think I want to give us a shot."


Hey guys, so here is another Teen Wolf boyxboy one shot.  I hope you all enjoyed and I'll try and update again really soon!  Thanks so very much for reading!  ^_^

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