12// Tori & Derek

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I rub him the wrong way....is he for real right now? JERK! I mean I don't even know him, barely even spent time with him, and yet somehow, I have managed to rub him in the wrong way.

I swear I'm reigning in my impulse control to smack him around the head, that's how much he rubs me the wrong way.

No man has ever boiled my blood like freaking Derek Henderson!

"Why are the hot ones, always rude and brooding" I heard Grace asked me as she catches up behind me.

"Don't know and don't care, Derek doesn't bother me or his words" I replied with a shrug, feeling her pulling me to a stop and gave me her best 'Yeah okay' face.

"I love you bestie, but your full of shit" she hashed at me, glaring at her.

"Excuse me!" I snapped at her, I love Grace like family, and I know that she's just looking out for me, but sometimes she's to honest and blunt and I don't need that right now, especially if that blunt truth is about Derek.

"You like him, that scares you, so you won't admit it. But I know it and he rattles you, more than anyone ever has"

Shaking my head in denial because she's wrong, I don't even know him. Honestly, River-Cove is turning into a headache for me.

"Look it doesn't even matter because I'm thinking about coming back to, California with you" I announced to her and waited.

Between the creepy flowers with the notes and the Derek problem, I just don't see the point in staying here. My job and my life are back in Cali and I should go back, I have more going for me there than I do here and that's saying something.

"Are you running home because of yourself or because of your unspoken feelings for your neighbour" She questions me, rolling my eyes at her. Seriously she needs to let the whole neighbour-crush thing go, because she is barking up the wrong tree.

"I'm not running home Grace, it is my home I have to go back eventually, that was always the plan anyway" I argued, she's acting like my staying in River-Cove was permanent, that this was somehow my new home and she's wrong.

River-cove was supposed to be an escape for a few weeks away from all the crap, I had going on in my life, instead, it's just brought more stuff into my life that I don't need or want and there's no point in staying here anymore.

"Why are you even pushing this so hard? In case you forgot my engagement only ended a few weeks ago"

"because you're my best friend, my family and I can see that hollow shell you have growing around you, and that's not who you are!" She argued back at me.

"Maybe not but for now.... after everything I think hollow is the best I can do" I replied back sadly, she looks at me for a split second and then slowly nods her head.

I think right now she knows not to push this. I am not who I used to be, I'm sadder and my heart hurts but one day when that pain of heartbreak fades away, I will be myself once again, time heals all wounds right, time will heal mine eventually.


Watching as Tori walks away, my eyes locked on her as she storms past us.

Well, my timing could have been better, I didn't mean for her to hear me talking about her, and honestly, I wouldn't have been discussing Tori at all if Jack didn't bring her up.

Feeling a smack on the back of my head, followed by a stinging pain, rubbing my head, and turned around with force to see my brother, staring furiously at me.

"You are an ass!" He fumes as me, shaking my head and sighed.

"I don't mean to be okay. Tori she brings a side out of me, and I don't like it"

"Yeah, the ass side" Deacon snapped, throwing my eyes to him my own fury reaching boiling point now. I don't need my brother getting into this, I don't need him scolding me on something that I already know. 

"Back off D and leave it alone, I promise you I will stay away from Tori," I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Nobody is saying you have to stay away from her mate, I mean it's clear you like her," Jack said entering the conversation with us, moving my eyes from my brother to my friend.

I am more than happy to stay away from the woman who makes me crazy, so why are they pushing this issue? Like we're in a hallmark romance movie, where they live happily ever after, when that is not the case here.

"Drop it the pair of you, I don't need romance or a woman in my life, especially someone like Tori-;" I broke off and tried to rubbed the headache away from my temples without no luck.

"I'm happy, I have my job and my daughter, that's enough for me" then walked away from them, back towards the house ignoring the nagging feeling in my gut and without a second glance towards Tori.

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