Private Part

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Babawi daw ako? Siguro ako nga lang ang nasarapan ng todo nung una pero ngayon sige babawi ako.

He removed my robe slowly. And then he kissed my neck and then my shoulder. And then, his lips went back to my lips while his hands caressing my arms and then he removed my spaghetti strap. He caressed my curve and then his hands went at my back to unhook my bra. After that, he paused and looked at me with admiration. He continued kissing me while removing his shirt. After that, he kissed me deeply as he played his tongue around my mouth over my teeth while feeling his chest on my naked breasts. He's now touching my waist without breaking the kisses. Then we moved to bed.

He lay me down there slowly and gently. I am now touching his back while he's kissing my neck and my lips again.

He's now cupping my breasts while his mouth is also going there. He played my nipple with his tongue. He licked it and sucked it. Pagkatapos nung isa, 'yung isa naman. Hindi ko na mapigilang mapaungol.

"Hmmmm..." I moaned.

He rubbed his palm accross my nipple, feeling it harden and then he took my nipple between his finger and his thumb to roll it.

"Hmmmmm..." I moaned again. I can't help myself from moaning and I pressed my body to him.

And then again he sucked my nipple gently while fondling the other in his fingers.

He slid down my pajama and then I removed the belt of his pants to remove his pants. We are now wearing our last underwears.

He ran his hands gently up my legs until he reached the upper edge of my panty. He kissed my tummy just above the panty. And now, he pulled my panty down over my butt and all the way down on my feet. He kissed every part of my body up to my lips while removing his boxer. I felt his cock against my skin while kissing me. I changed my position and I went down to his cock. I sucked it.

"Ooohhh... Babe..." He moaned.

I continue licking and sucking it hanggang sa kung ano pang maisipan kong gawin. Pabilis ng pabilis.

"Ahhhh.. Ohh.." He moaned.

Hindi ako tumitigil hanggang sa hawakan na niya ako sa ulo ko at iangat ang mukha ko. Ngimiti ako and then I kissed him there up to his body.

He put me on to his bottom. He's now putting his fingers into my pussy while sucking my breast then the other. I feel so wet. My legs are automatically widen just for him to know that I'm ready. He slid down his body on mine between my legs. He kissed me on every inch of my body all the way down there to my sensitive part of the body. He's now licking it. And now his tounge glided over my clit.

"Ohh.... Babe... Please.. Don't stop...." I moaned.

He ran his tounge back and forth as I moaned so much.

When he knew that we're both ready, he put his cock inside there and start thrusting until we reach the climax.

We are now lying on each other's arms. Feeling our naked bodies while his cock still inside there. He gave me little kisses on my face and on my hair. Our eyes are closed but not yet sleeping. Until I felt something hard inside. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He also looked at me.

"I love you." Sabi niya.

"I love you more." Sabi ko at saka niya ako hinalikan. Umikot ako paibabaw sa kanya, his body between my knees and I started moving side by side in circles.

"Ohhh..." He moaned.

He's touching my breast and the other is touching my waist then my butt while I'm moving on top of him.

"Hmmmmm.." I moaned.

"Ahhh..." He moaned.

Wala akong naririnig sa kuwarto kung hindi ang mga ungol namin. Magkayakap kaming dalawa hanggang sa makatulog. Hindi ko na namalayang tanghali na pala.

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