Chapter Twenty - The Pull

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Chapter Twenty – The Pull

You know, four years ago I would have said the classic thing like ‘how dare someone bring a child into this life? You know it’s a completely terrible way to go. The world is going to explode any day.’ And stuff like that. But once you fall in love it’s… it’s different.

-Kurt Cobain

I was eating lunch the regular crew on a gloomy, grey Monday. I had a grilled cheese sandwich in front of me with a bottle of Tropicana juice. Christine was watching Ashton while I was watching her. She definitely had a crush on him and I was worried. Roman had made it clear that Ash didn’t do relationships. I didn’t want her to get her heart broken.

“Ash, I really like that shirt on you.” Christine smiled at him widely, her eyes roaming the length of his purple, plaid shirt as if he were a greased up Calvin Klein model about to do a photo shoot. “It kind of makes your eyes look blue.”

“Yeah?” He looked down at his shirt as if to remind himself what he had put on this morning. “Thanks, Chris.”

“But it would look better if you rolled up the sleeves.” I jumped in grabbing Ash’s arm and putting it on my lap. I rolled the sleeves up for him to his elbow. His eyes were so intense they could’ve burned a hole through my forehead.

“Thanks, Sammy-cakes.” He ruffled my hair when I was done.

“Sure.” I gleamed at him. When I turned around to face Christine again she was shooting me a beyond sceptical look. I smiled sheepishly in response.

“I’m still kind of hungry… Ash, do you mind if I have some of your fries?” Christine tried again.

“Sure.” He handed the rest to her. “I don’t want them.”

“But have you tried them with mayo and ketchup together?” She suggested, grabbing her leftover mayo from her chicken nuggets and mixing it with ketchup. She dipped a fry in her new concoction and leaned over the table to feed it to Ashton. “Try.”

“Uh… okay.” He attempted to take the fry from her hand.

“No. Allow me.” She purred seductively ignoring his hand and popping it right into his mouth.

He chewed slowly and nodded in approval, “That is pretty good. I might want my fries back.” He winked.

“But you gave them to me.” She objected teasingly taking a fry for herself and taking her time with it. I didn’t miss the way Ashton stared at her cotton candy coloured lips.

I grabbed Ash’s can of coke from in front of him and took a sip. “You have your own juice.” He said.

“But I wanted coke.” I replied in the sweetest tone I could muster. “You don’t mind, do you?” Cue the batting of the lashes.

“Of course not.” He smiled at me warmly, leaning over to take my bottle of juice. “But I get to have some of this.” He drank from it slowly.


Christine kicked me from under the table. I looked up at her and practically had to dodge the bullets coming out of her eyes. “Sam? Mind escorting me to the bathroom?” She gritted between clenched teeth.

“Why?” I asked uncomfortably.

“Just do it!” She snapped.

I stood up from my spot next to Ashton and reluctantly followed Christine out of the caf. But she didn’t walk to the bathroom; she just stopped in front of a row of lockers out of view from the others. “What are you doing?” She demanded with narrowed blue eyes. “I told you I liked Ashton and you’ve been flirting with him all throughout lunch!”

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