Chapter 1

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Heya, this is my first fan fiction and first story on Wattpad, feel free to comment, like and stuff :) and correct any mistakes. Hope you like it ;)
By the way FULL CREDIT for the characters to Rick Riordan and J.K Rowling!
This takes place after the Gaia war and after Harry kills Voldemort. (You probably have to read the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series to understand the plot)

~Percy POV~
My name is Percy Jackson here's a brief description about me; I am a Half-blood which means that your in danger 24/7 wherever you go- nah just kidding it means Half God, Half mortal. I recently helped defeat Gaia with my friends- Frank, Hazel, Leo, Annabeth, Piper, Jason, Reyna and Nico. I have a very dangerous girlfriend, I have an obsession with blue food- long story. Don't ask. And I seem to find myself in trouble a lot- like right now.
Here's how it started.

"Percy get up" I heard Annabeth say.
"5 minutes" I drawled and turned over. Annabeth ripped the covers off of me. 'Ok then' I thought. I got up and collapsed on Tysons bed.
"Argh, you are so hopeless! Get up now or I swear you will regret it seaweed brain!" She said unsheathing her dagger.
I concentrated for a second and the water in my glass splashed on Annabeth's face. Big mistake.
"Oh, you are so dead, kelp face!"

I jumped out of bed and ran to the door, with Annabeth screaming my name behind me.
"You can't catch me wise girl!" I teased.
I didn't realise where I was going and before I knew it, I was pretty much trapped. What with Annabeth going ape behind me, the Ares cabin on my left, the woods on my right and the big house in front of me. So it was get lost in the forest with Annabeth leaving me unconscious, get beaten up by going near the Ares cabin or get humiliated in front of everybody. I'd done the last one a lot, so here we go again I guess.
Annabeth was catching up with me still screaming "PERSEUS JACKSON, GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!"
Now we were right outside the big house "Chiron help me!"
Annabeth pounced. She had her knee on my chest, I tried reaching for Riptide realising I was in my PJ's and didn't have any pockets.
"Apologise" said Annabeth.
I closed my eyes a wave came up behind me Annabeth slowly looked up in horror. I was so gonna pay for this later.
Annabeth stood there dripping wet, I got up and sprinted back the way we came to the lake, I could now hear everyone following us. Some were screaming " Run Jackson Run!" While others were screaming "Get him Annabeth, make Jackson wish he was never born!" Hint: Clarisse. I jumped in the river and created a whirlpool under me so Annabeth couldn't reach me.
" Ok I apologise for spraying you with water-" " -spraying?!" " -and soaking you with a big wave, your the best, kindest, smartest and beautiful girlfriend in the world! Now before I come down promise on the river Styx you won't tear me to pieces!"
Annabeth rolled her eyes, annoyed and promised.
I came down and received a kick in the gut, I doubled over "Hey!"
"I said I wouldn't tear you to pieces, not hurt you"
Chiron came up to us " nice show you two, now gather the seven, and the counsellors for a meeting in 10 minutes at the big house."

We all gathered round the table, Leo was tinkering with bits from his tool belt with Calypso leaning on his shoulder- when Leo returned from the dead with Calypso it was quite awkward. I know she looks really peaceful but the first thing she did when she saw me was punch me for leaving her, but I guess we're even now. Piper and Jason were talking, and Hazel and Frank were here- I thought they moved to Camp Jupiter- Frank was turning into a Geeko for Hazels entertainment. Nico was laughing with Will Solace and the Stoll brothers who were shoving pencils up Clovas's nose- again- while he was snoring away. Suddenly Will and the Stoll brothers cheered.
"Yes I see that is a new record but I still think 30 pencils is far to many for any human nostril." Chiron came trotting in looking troubled.
"This is where he tells us we haven't defeated Gaia" laughted Leo.
"Actually much worse"
"You've got to be kidding me" I moaned.
"What now" asked Frank.
"Unfortunately Gaia reformed in Tarturus-" Anabeth and I shivered- "a lot quicker than we expected.-"
"If Gaia has reformed already, I think 'a lot quicker than we expected' is an understatement" interrupted Leo.
"Yes anyway it's still much worse than that-" "aww come on" I said, how on earth could there be anything worse?
"If you stop interrupting me I might be able to explain"said Chiron glaring at me and Leo. "Imagine Gaia, the Giants, Kronos and Voldemort all working together to destroy the world as we know it-" " woah, woah, woah sorry to interrupt but Voldemort? Is that like the knew name for a friendly Titan or something- like Bob, it still sounds too evil though..." I said
Annabeth and Chiron rolled their eyes, "really seaweed brain, your so stupid sometimes why would a friendly Titan join Gaia in the first place. But that is a good point who's Voldemort?"
"Voldemort is a very dark wizard-" wait wizards existed now? "He was killed not so long ago by a few wizards and witches. But now I fear when he split his soul to become invincible he became... un-human, so when he died he went to Tartarus and unfortunately came across Gaia, now all they have to do is escape Tartarus"
"So we're pretty much doomed" said Leo.
"What can we do" asked Annabeth.
"I was thinking, if we could get as many of you as we can that are willing to go to Hogwarts- their wizarding school- and alie with them we could work together: the Wizards, camp half- blood and camp Jupiter. But you can't all leave, some of you will have to stay to keep Camp Half-Blood protected."
"So prophecy time! Oh goody, where's Rachel? Said Leo.

~end of chapter 1~
Hope you liked it I'll add chapter 2 soon :)

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