This Is Home

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4 months later...

"Who's idea was it to move at the last minute before Aurora's born?" Leo grunted as he brought in the new couch with Ian. We had finally brought a house a week ago and we were moving in today.

"Put it over there... Oh, and it was Ian's, but I was hesitant and I'm not due for another three weeks." I say, pointing to where they should place the couch.

"What? You're huge." Leo says, poking my belly.

"That's nice." I muttered sarcastically.

"I meant in a polite way. I love you." Leo says and I couldn't resist smiling at him.

"Stop kissing up to me." I say and he rolled his eyes.

"Hey, Alice, did you read People today?" Leo says, taking out the rolled up magazine from his back pocket.

"No, why?" I asked.

"They found out. Took them long enough, probably a world record." Leo says and I took the magazine from him, reading the article that talked about me and Ian.

Ian and me were extremely cautious when it came to the press. We never went out in public together, but rumors had spread about a mysterious girl that he had.

"Ha, they only know who I am. If they found out I'm pregnant wild fire will spread." I say, feeling proud of evading the paparazzi.

"Eventually they'll find out about everything, but don't worry." Ian says, coming up behind me and placing his chin on my shoulder.

A car honk was heard outside and I peeked through the window to see Eliot. I was going to go meet his girlfriend today, meaning the two of them were serious.

"That's my cue. Ian, the fridge will be delivered any time now and paint Aurora's room." I say, slipping on my converse.

"I know. Hey, call me if anything happens." Ian says in concern, he was so overprotective these days.

"I will. I'll be back late at night." I say, kissing him and hugged Leo on my way out.

"Why am I a nervous wreck when she's gone?" I heard Ian whisper before I walked out the door.

"Hey, oven, how's the bun?" Eliot says as I got in the passenger seat.

"More like a pie. I feel bigger than an elephant." I say, trying to buckle my seat belt which was a challenge now a days.

"You're always beautiful. You're tiny compared to some pregnant girls, at least your belly isn't lopsided." Eliot says, making me smile. He was supposed to be the evil big brother, but he's always been loving and protective of me.

"Mom, keeps calling me. She's worried about you," I say and his face turned sour. "Eliot, don't be like that. She's going to rehab, she's trying."

Eliot scoffed, "Because you gave her an ultimatum."

It was half-true. I had told Ellen she couldn't see my baby unless she went to rehab, therapy, and get her life in order.

"Fine, but she's also doing it because she loves us. This is serious, Eliot, you're going to the army, the twins are moving to Florida with Aunt Jo and Uncle Spencer, and I'm going to have a baby. You don't think I'm stressed out, too?"

Eliot took my hand, squeezing it, "I don't want you to be stressed. It's bad for both of you."

"Then at least talk to her by phone, without arguing please? Not for her, for me." I say, jutting my lip out and giving him my puppy eyes.

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