Chapter . 14

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Everlee's (POV)

The bell rang letting me know to get to first period . I walked around the school looking for my class and then the bell rang again letting me know that I'm late already . After a few minutes later I finally found it and I was like 10 minutes late. I walked into the class and the teacher stopped talking and everybody looked at me .

" young lady do you mind telling me why your late to my class?!" She said sounding annoyed.

" Well I'm new , so it took me some time to find this class" I said in a bored tone.

" okay then , can you introduce yourself to the class?" She said while sighing .

" sure" I said in an uninterested tone and looked at the class and saw some of my dumbass brothers and cousins in the back.

" well my name is everlee , I'm 16 , and yeah that's all you need to know .....for now" I said and then the teacher told me to take a seat.

I walk to the back of the classroom and sat in an empty seat next to the window . The teacher began teaching and I just took my AirPods out my bag and put my playlist on shuffle and 'secret love song' by little mix and Jason derulo began to play. Song up top

I looked out the window and up at the sky and just watched the clouds move slowly . It's kinda calming......

After a few minute later I heard laughing so I looked to see where it's coming form . Then I saw some jocks laughing at a boy that was sitting by himself in front of them . I looked over at my brothers and cousins and saw them laughing also. I looked about to the boy and he had his head down while the jocks where throwing things at him . 'oh hell Naww , I'm not gonna sit here and watch them bully him' I thought to myself.
I got up and grabbed my bag , I walked toward the empty seat next to the boy . I sat down but he never looked at me . I heard the jocks saying
" what's wrong jack?"
" I heard that your parent don't want you"
"Is that why you homeless?" With that everyone continued to laugh at him. At this point I'm so angry with these ignorant people.

" what the fuck is wrong with you?!" I asked the jocks and everyone was silent.

" who the fuck are you ?!" one of the jocks asked .He seemed like the leader of this pathetic group.

" I'm someone who's about to hurt you and enjoy every moment of it" I said coldly

"Please, your just a girl , what are you gonna do huh?" He said and stood up ,walking to the boy who's name is jack .

"Watch it" I said in a deadly tone. He laughed and punched jack and jack fell off his seat , bleeding from his nose. I got up and punch him and his friends got up and tried to hit me , but me being the baddest bitch that I am , I dodged it. I broke the leaders arm and he screamed out in pain. Then I punched the next guy that came after me and broke him nose , I kicked him where the sun doesn't shine and he fell to the ground groaning in pain . The last guy punched me in the stomach but that didn't really affected me much so I punch him in the face repeatedly until he was unconscious. I stopped and look around and everybody was looking at me but I just rolled my eyes and went to help jack .

I helped jack up and grabbed all of my things and his things in one arm. I grabbed wrist and walked out the classroom but before I left , I turned towards the class and said " let that be a lesson . If I see any of you bullying him and laughing at him again we will have a problem" everyone nodded their heads and I looked at my cousins and brothers in this class and shook my head disappointingly . I walked out with jack , i stopped walking and looked at him.

" hey you okay ?" I asked him softly .

" y-yeah I'm fine" he said quietly looking down .

" look at me" I said , sternly and he looked up hesitantly at me. He had a black eye and dried blood on his nose. I looked in his blue eye and I saw a hint of sadness and loneliness . I sighed knowing that feeling ,but I was determined to change that look he had.

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