Chapter Thirty Five

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You fainted about three times during the flight to Malfoy Manor.

Before you were taken, Harry saw and tried to help but was interrupted by a deatheater.

At the moment, Harry, Hermione, and Ron were pained because they had the impression that you were dead.

You were awake when you arrived at the manor. The iron gates were closed but someone stood on the other side.

You couldn't see who. When you got closer, the deatheater holding you, you seen it was a man.

Wearing all black.

An all black suit.

And blonde hair.


This was Draco.

The deatheaters opened the gates and strode in like they owned the place. They then stopped in front of Draco and threw you at his feet.

He looked down in horror.

The deatheaters smirked. "Take care of that for us. We're going to get Bellatrix."

The deatheaters left.

Once they were inside, Draco quickly picked you up and hugged you.

"How did they get you?" He asked.

"I was at a wedding..they attacked and captured me.." you said, not meeting his eyes.

"(Y/n) please look at me.. you don't think me a monster, do you? You don't fear me for what I am right? Because you have no need to fear me.."

You didn't respond.

"(Y/n).." Draco caressed your cheek.

"Why didn't you stay? Why did you have to leave?" You asked.

"I- I had expectations. I had to go...."

"No you didn't! You could have stayed! You could have been on the side of good!" You yelled.

"No! I couldn't! My family is here! This is the side I belong in! I'm naturally bad, (y/n)! You should know that!"

"No one is naturally bad. You could have stayed.."

Draco paced. "Give me a reason why I should have stayed!"

"To fight for the right side! To fight with me, not against me!"

"And who's to say our side isn't right?"

"Draco look at what's happening! Your side kills innocent people! They kill children for crying out loud! Do you think that's right!?"

"Well bloody hell, (y/n)!! Is it my fault that I didn't want to leave my family! That I didn't want to live in fear!? If I would have stayed, the Dark Lord would have killed me! Here, the Dark Lord protects me! I don't have to be afraid!"

You sighed. "I could have protected you better than he.."

Just then, Bellatrix Lestrange came out with a malevolent grin.

"Well if it isn't the pwetty girl. Draco, bring her in sweetheart."

Draco grabbed your arm and took you inside the manor into a large room.

Lucius, a woman you suspected to be Draco's mother, and the deatheaters that captured you were there.

Draco led you to the center of the room, where he stood holding your arm tightly.

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