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Chapter Fourteen| Leona

I smile and slowly open my eyes.

"You finally fucked!" I scream, jumping back when I see Ben staring at Dario and I with a huge smile on his face. "Finally!"

"Ben! Get the fuck out!" I grab the sheets and jump off of the bed but Ben is too busy staring at what's behind me.

I turn my head and squeal when Dario's dick is in full view. I grab a pillow and throw it onto his lap.

How the hell is this man still asleep?!

"Are you okay down there?" Ben whispers in shock and I groan, rolling my eyes.

"Ben." I warn. "Get out." I push him towards the door while he tries to peak over my shoulder at the man in my bed.

"Thank you for giving me the chance to finally tick this off of my list." He winks before turning to walk out of the room.

I close the door and rest my head against the cold wood.

"Is there a reason why I've got no bed sheets around me?" I jump and turn to see Dario sat up against the headboard.

"Ben." I simply say and he raises his eyebrows. I sigh and make my way to the bed, deciding to take a seat next to him.

"I enjoyed last night." Dario whispers, interlacing our fingers together and I gulp. "Talk to me." He squeezes my hand and I turn my head to look at him.

"So did I." A smile etches onto his face and I squeal when he leans down to nip at my neck.

"Good because I'm not letting you go, you're mine." I playfully roll my eyes at his possessiveness and stroke his hair.

"Business and pleasure. Doesn't sound too good, Dario." I whisper and he pulls back to stare down at me with furrowed eyebrows.

"What do you mean it doesn't sound too good?" He scoffs and I raise my eyebrows.

"Nothing good ever comes out of mixing business with pleasure, you know that Dario." I try to tell him.

"No I don't understand. Now shut your pretty mouth up and let me fuck you."


"So the two of you have agreed to do business with one another?" Dario's financial advisor, Dean, questions, looking between the two of us and Dario smirks

"It's my pleasure to do business with this lovely woman." He speaks up and I grit my teeth as his financial advisor looks at us in confusion.

"I can see here that Miss Goodwin has not signed the papers yet." I nod my head. "Why is that? If you've already agreed."

"Because I haven't." I tilt my head at him and he begins to look even more confused.

"But she will." Dario chuckles and I raise my eyebrows.

"I need time to think about it. I've been solo for a very long time, I'm used to doing things my way and my way only." I cross my arms over my chest and Dean nods his head.

"Dean, give us a minute." Dario tells him, keeping his eyes on me.

Dean awkwardly nods his head and exits the room.

"What?" I raise my eyebrows at Dario and watch as he clenches his jaw.

"Fuck me, you are so stubborn." He groans, rubbing the stubble on his face. "Stop overthinking things and work with me on this."

"Dario. I need to prioritise my business in this situation. What if you and I fall out? That would make working with each other much harder and I don't want that, I don't need it." I try to reason with him and he sighs.

"But that's not going to happen." He reaches forward and grabs hold of my hands. "The contract is six months, think of it as a trial run and if you don't like it we won't extend but I'm very positive that you will."

I take a deep breath and bite my lip.

"Fine. Where are the papers?" I huff and watch as he reaches over the table for a folder before pulling out a single sheet of paper which already has his signature on it.

I skim through the terms and condition before placing my signature next to his. "Good girl." I jump as he whispers in my ear and places his hand on my thigh.

"One condition." He nods his head. "No-one can know about us outside of business." He sits back and frowns.

"The fuck?!" He spits and I sigh. "You want us to be a secret?" I nod my head and he scoffs shaking his.

"I don't want people to think that the only reason we are working together is because I let you fuck me. People know you're a billionaire, they will think I'm some type of gold digger, I've worked hard for my business, Dario, I don't need it crumbling down because of....."

"Because of me?" He mumbles and I purse my lips, nodding my head.

"I've heard from Ben that you have a bit of a reputation." I whisper and his face falls at my words. He almost looks disappointed in me.

"And what have you heard?" He questions, raising his eyebrows, leaning forward. "Tell me, princess, what rumours have you heard?" I gulp at how serious he looks.

"You're.....Erm, you're a bit of a player, slept with a lot of women, especially women in the business industry." I whisper timidly and he begins to chuckle. "Basically you use women to enhance your own business."

"Fucking hell! That's what goes around?!" He looks amused with what I've just said and I frown. "Yes I've slept with women, but only to get a release. I don't need some random woman to enhance my business."

"Like me?" I say offended and his face softens.

"No, baby. You know I want to be business partners with you and so much more." He grabs hold of my hands but I pull away.

"You just said you don't need a woman to enhance your business, so what would be the point in us being partners?" I ask him.

"I love how business orientated you are, how strong headed and stubborn you are and I'll admit, these past few years I haven't really been on my game. I knew I needed a business partner so when I moved back to London and saw you, I knew I needed to have you." He says softly and then smirks. "In more ways than one." He winks.

"Shut up." I playfully roll my eyes and he chuckles. His hand trails up my thigh and I watch his eyes widen as he brushes his fingers against my pussy.

"What's got you so wet, princess?" He whispers.

This time I smirk.

"Your financial advisor, fuck he's so hot." I wink, fanning myself and seconds later I'm sat on the table with him in between my legs and his fingers wrapped round my throat.

"Say that again."

"Your financial advisor has got me so...." He squeezes my neck harder and I grin. "Joking." I croak, the grin still etched on my face.

"Yeah you better be." He pulls away and buttons up his suit jacket before making his way to the exit. "Be ready later this evening."

"What for?"

"Just be ready."

And then he's out and I'm left to stare at the contract that I've just signed.

Happy new year everyone, stay safe 🥳❤️

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