Lindsey Point of View
I turned off my phone, ever since The 'date' Cole keeps on calling me and texting me and I don't like it. I let out a sigh and flopped down on my bed. I haven't had any sleep, just because of nightmares and crap. I sat up and went over to Emile's Recording area. I set up Pokemon Pearl and hit the record button.
"Hello Internet! Welcome to Pokemon Pearl!"
Emile's Point of View
"FUCK!" I yelled as Jon beat me again In PikMin again.
"Why the hell are you so good at this game?! You said you've never played this game!" I muttered to him, Fake anger on my face.
He laughed and shrugged his shoulders, going back to the game. I looked at Jon and realized he never put a shirt back on after his shower. Jon had Abs. he. has.Abs. I felt a blush spread on my face and I looked away.
"Jon you forgot your shirt." I told him as I laughed the blush slowly going away. He looked at his chest. Squeaked and ran to our room, making me laugh harder.
"THATS WHY I LOVE YOU! YOU FORGET EVERYTHING!!" I yelled to him knowing that Lindsey was at school.
"SHUT UP!" I heard a muffled yell from Jon and I laughed harder.
Then all of a sudden I was the floor, my head faced on the carpet, and Jon butt on my back.
"REALLY!!" I Muffled to him since I was faced down on a carpet. Then he started tickling me which made it worst to me better for him. I was soon rolled over laughing as Jon tickled me more. He soon stopped and later down on me. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him closer.

"Love you Emile"
Love you too"

Update update who likes updates!!!
Anyways Less than a flipping week till the play and it's snowing. WHO EVER IS DOING THE DAMN SNOW DANCE CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES IN A DAMN HOLE WITH SPIDERS!!!!!

Byeeeeeeee kittens ^3^

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