Chapter: 2

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Alexander was happy.

He honestly couldn't believe that the motel let him in without even asking if he was alone or with someone.

But he didn't care.

He was enjoying every last minute of this motel without anyone interrupting him.

Alex laid on his mattress, although it wasn't king-size, it was enough to fit 2 people. Sadly, the covers were white so any food or drink he would consume would ultimately spill and stain the bed.

He stares at the ceiling in silence. "Just 9 years before she dies," Alex mumbled. "I have 9 years to prepare myself from stopping it."

Before arriving at this motel. Alex spent the majority of the walk making up a plan before 1995 arrived.

"If it's 1986, then, at this point dame un beso is being played right now." Alex smiled as he recalled the moment he first found out about Selena. That song was one of the first songs he was introduced to when one of the workers from his local orphanage would always play it.

Alex sighed as he sat up. It's been already 14 hours since he arrived at this motel, and most of that time he spent it sleeping. He wanted to get out and explore this old era before returning to this motel again.

He grabbed his wallet and the key that was giving to him by the lady that worked in this motel and exited out.

He wasn't going to lie but he was thankful this motel wasn't a 3 or 4 story high building. He could just exit his door and he would just be outside instantly.

"Now where should I go?" Alex took a view of his surroundings to find something that will pique his interest. "There's a bar that's a couple of minutes away from here."

The idea of going to a bar meant bad business for him since those types of buildings were filled with nothing but people from gangs and cartels.

But it was also a once in a lifetime moment so he didn't care at this point. He might as well go one and enjoy it.

"But I'm not drinking any beer, that's for sure." He said to no one in particular.

Alex wasted no time and walked towards the bar. He will at least enjoy the day before it ended... Or enjoy the rest of the years before that day arrived.
San Antonio Bar
Time: 15:47

Alex wasn't going to lie but it sure was frustrating walking in the summer heat of San Antonio, TX.

He hated how he can feel the sweat from his backside cling on his shirt. What was even worst was how there wasn't any cloud to cover the suns scorching heat from hitting his skin.

He was already tan does the sun want to burn him up even more?

Seeing the bar appear in the distance brought him relief and speed-walked towards it.

5 Minutes Later.

Alex used to think that bars would just be a chill place to be as you drank beer or wine with your friends and enjoy the night.

That's what he always thought since he used to play GTA 5 before he died. But never would he imagined how wild this bar would be upon entering it.

As soon as he entered it he had to duck his head to avoid an empty beer bottle thrown at him. What the hell was even happening here?

There were dozens of men laughing, arguing with each other, playing poker, while some were too drunk to even stay awake and ended up collapsing on the floor.

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