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So my girls and I just finished up our new song "Christmas Eve" you should check that out! Tomorrow I will be visiting uncle Mel's grave...

Mel: Damn, you making music too?
I laughed: Yes
Mel: Damn, my niece got talent. I'm proud of you
I smiled: thank you, uncle Mel. I'm glad you're happy with me
Mel: You know, that boy in your video was really checking you out
I laughed: he was kind of cute
Mel: You should consider him, he's a cool dude
Me: Maybe. I don't even have his number
Mel: On the dresser
Me: How'd you do it?
Mel: I'm uncle Mel, Autumn
I laughed: Thanks uncle Mel
Mel: You welcome and tomorrow give my mama a kiss on the cheek why don't you?
I smiled and nodded
Mel: Get some sleep.
I laid down and he grabbed my blanket and laid it over me
Mel: Goodnight Sleeping Beauty
Me: Goodnight uncle Mel]

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