Chapter 3

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This was completely an imaginary story, nothing was real. Only some of the places and their names may have some resemblance of original names.

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Author's POV

At Aravan Kaadu ( Serpents Forest)

The cave temple was located on the hills of the Naagamalai (Snake mountain)in the interior forest, it was a rain forest. Below the hill there was a small forest river, Kaataru. The cave temple was dedicated to the goddess Vasuki  (Goddess of serpents). The tribal people of the forest were living near that hill, they were worshipping the goddess Vasuki as Kula devathai (Angel) for their generations, they believe in almighty.

These tribes were commonly known as Naagamalai vaasikal, in short they were referred as Naagas. They live only in the interior forest they believe in supernatural beings and some of them were practicing that powers.
Most of them were hunters, others were cultivating tubes, collecting honey and practicing martial arts for their safety, they were all well trained archers. They live only as a group in an individual huts, they formed a small village below the mountain.

Head of the tribes Naagas were Mallan, and his wife was Sevanthi they both went to cave temple to offer some pooja and pray to Goddess Vasuki. The priest of that temple was Maari, he was around 50 years old and he was doing that offerings and prayers to goddess since his childhood. He made everything ready beforehand for the pooja.

Soon after that Nagas head Mallan and his wife Sevanthi reached that cave temple, they did some pooja  following that prayed goddess Vasuki to bless them and their people.

" Amma(Mother) Vasuki, we are not asking you money, power, or any other wealth, we just need a baby to bring a meaning to our  life. We were married for ten years but we weren't blessed with baby. Please show us some mercy, give a child to us" asked Sevanthi to goddess Vasuki whole heartedly, she kneeled infront of God and cried.

"Sevanthi, don't cry our Vasuki will not leave us, definitely she will listen to our prayers" said Mallan, the head of Nagas.

" I know but when will that happen??  I'm tired of longing for a baby, I want a child to call me Amma( mother), to play with me ,to make me smile, my life's everything will be that baby" said Sevanthi with a tearful eyes.

"Thayee (To refer woman respectfully) Sevanthi our Vasuki knows when to give her blessings, so don't worry all is well, good thing will happen to you soon. Never loose your faith in Vasuki, belive her" said priest Maari.

" Tell her once again poosari( priest), she is not believing our Vasuki and crying everyday " said Mallan teasingly.

" Who said I don't believe Vasuki?? If I don't believe her then it means I don't believe myself. She is my mother I'm her daughter I'm asking my mother, it's between mother and daughter, even I will fight with her, none has the rights to interfere between us" said Sevanthi with an anger. Mallan and poosari Maara burst into laugh but tried to control that when Sevanthi got more angry.

" Ok... Ok... If you finish your fight, shall we go home?? " asked Mallan teasingly.

With a fake anger Sevanthi pouted her lips and went ahead of Mallan to the temple entrance. She waited for him at the outside of temple by enjoying the beauty of their forest. While that time Mallan discussed something important with priest and went back to Sevanthi in a few minutes. But Sevanthi was nowhere to be found, Mallan was shocked and searched for his wife Sevanthi and shouted her name.

By hearing his voice the priest came out of the temple and enquired Mallan about his tense.

"Your Majesty... What happened??? Where is thayee??" Asked Poosari worriedly.

"Poosari... Sevanthi is not here. I can't find her around this temple, I don't know where she went. She was worried about baby and annoyed with me, I'm really worried" said Mallan with a panic.

" Your Majesty... don't panic we will search for her together. She will never leave you. She must be gone somewhere near only. I will also come with you, let's go" said priest.

The tribals head Mallan , the priest Maari and some security guards of Mallan were in search of Sevanthi. After a short span of short time Mallan saw his wife Sevanthi standing at the another side of the river, Kaataru. She was standing with a wet clothes, she looked like she was completely drenched in water.

But more than that he was shocked to see his wife.

So what was that????

To Be Continued....


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