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I was in my room making random videos listening to Beyoncé. Y'all know Beyoncé is Bae!! So, earlier Autumn and I went and got flowers for Mel's grave. So, hopefully we get a chance to go up there before mam'ma and uncle Travis get in tomorrow, Aunt Netia can't come this year but, it's cool we always got Christmas 😍 Valentine day coming up and Maliyah supposed to be due two days before Valentine's day! Which would be one of the best VALENTINE's day gifts Ever! Yas bish Yas.

"Yo, Pooh!" Autumn called out coming in to room

"What's up lil sis?"

"TJ just texted me..."

"What he say?"

"He gone beat us up."

"Now that nigga knows he can't whoop my butt! He better ask some fuckin body" I said looking at her under eye and popin my lips

"Yeah he thinks we told Trey about his tattoos"

"I told that fool he wouldn't be able to keep that from daddy. he must forgot who daddy was!" I stated

"You plan on getting one?"

"Yep on my 17th birthday! "

"Where you been at all day" I asked her

"I been on the roof"

"Of that abandoned building?"


"Uh, why? "

"It's where I do my thinking."

"I'm gone go up there with you tomorrow just to see whatcha see"

"Aight, I'm about to hit the haystack."


|2 AM

Nicholas: April Cop! Wake up.
I wakes up
Me: Who you and why you calling me April Cop?
Nicholas: Cause you bossy just like ya mama, I'm your cousin Nicholas.
Me: oh yeah mama talks about you all the time
He smiled, "You know you remind me so much of her, I been watching you every since you was in your mom belly. You got that knowledge that no other girl got, Autumn has knowledge and wisdom in her own way but you? You're different."
"How different?" I asked laughing
"In a good way. You and your sisters see the world from a different perspective. No one else really looks at it the way that you three do. Maybe because you guys been through it the most"
"It hurts cuz. I been through so much in life they it really hurts, I still have dreams of momma getting shot even though I didn't see her getting shot."
"You want to let that memory inside, if you really don't wanna see that. Don't think about it" he said
"I thought I was over it, Nick"
"No one gets over a senseless act of violence"]

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