Amsal beta utho ! College k liye late ho rahi ho ! Main bistar se nai uth sakti warna batati! Mom shouted from her room

Btw ! Hi i'm Amsal ather subhani! I'm Muslim nd proud Paki girl who wants to be a chef ! "Professional chef" but she also do modelings for her sisters clothes collections! She 17 turning 18 ! Laughing is her 2nd name ! She always make everyone happy ! But still down somewhere in her heart she feels lonely coz she needs love what she never gets! She's not that high girl! Just simple beauty ! Mid length hair ! Light brown complexion nd coffee brown round eyes! Yeah she have a boyfriend named Zayan tajamol ! He's more than her boyfriend ! He's her best friend too ! They studied together in school !

Maa apki jaan uth gayi ! I said to her and then kissed on her forehead ! My mom can't walk coz some years before she got her left side paralyz !

Ab jaldi kro college jao ! Zayan ki gari ka horn bht zor se lagta hai ! Mom said .

G maa wait usko kehti hun na bajaye apki neend haram hui hogi ! Amsal said went to her gallery to tell zayan to stop the horn !

And zayan saw her nd stop the horn ! The she went striaght to her bathroom ! And wear a grey tank top , with pure black skinny jeans and chef coat! Then pulled her hair in a perfect pony tail ! And took her phone and bag start running towards the car ! She sat and went to her college ! College ends its tym to go home but where's Zayan ? The hell ? She tried to call him but he didn't pick the call she took a auto and went striaght to the home!

Then she saw Zayyan sitting with her mother in her house ! She came in and said salam to all ! Then went start to her room to get fresh ! Then when she go into her kitchen to see what maids are cooking and instruct them !

The she got a text on her phone ! Its a

Text from Zayan.

"Sorry babes mom's want to see your mom! That's why i can't come to pick you ! "

She replied " its okay love ! :) ab desi hain rikshaw ki adat hai :D "

Zayan smiled put his mobile back in his pocket ! Then after some minutes later Amsal came with alot of things to eat and sit beside her mother !

Then zayan mother said " main ne zayyan k liye larki psnd krli hai ! Meri behan ki beti !

For Amsal its like time is frozen ! When she heard the words ! And her eyes started to pool up with tears ! She just wanted to cry out loud but she remained silent and smile and said " mubarak ho zayan ! Bataya nai tmne ! "

Zayan : " mjhe khud abhi pata laga hai ! " zayan eyes are red blood shot color ! Because he is not really good at emotions ! " chalen ami bht dair hogayi hai " and then her mother kissed Amsal on forehead and silently whisper in her ear ! " sorry magr apko kbhi apni bahu na bnaun gi ! Aur bhul jao zayan ko wo mera beta hai wahi kre ga jo main kahun gi "

Her words echoed  in Amsal's ears ! That time she was tore into pieces not know what to do ! But she always know that his mother is a evil lady but never said to anyone coz zayan's mother is a two faced lady !

Mjhe mere Khuda pe bharosa hai !  Wo mere liye acha kare ga ! Ab jo kree ga wo kree ga ! Main haar nahi manun gi ! Dena hoga tou zayan ko khud dega aur nahi dena hoga tou main jitni bhi khosh krlun nahi mile ga !

Ab bs kal ka intezar hai !

Hey everyone ! Its my very own first chapter just to describe the story from 2nd part it will be actually started !

Zayan is actually feroz khan cox i have huge crush on him !

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