Chapter Forty-Two

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(Y/n)'s POV

I got up from the bed as I stretched my back. the shackle felt cold to the touch of my skin, a reminder that I am imprisoned. Waiting for rescue isn't what I want, I am desperate to get out of this mess. I walked over to the door but only to be pulled back by the chains. I picked up the chain with my (s/c) hands and began to pull.

I pulled slowly, trying my best to not make any sounds. I could feel my hands getting heated and sweaty, but I only pushed forward. I kept pulling, resisting to give up. Whatever Sebastian had given me did its damage. I felt weaker than usual, and it is something I wish to never feel.

I grabbed the doorknob with my sweaty palm and twist it open. With relief, it opened as I heard it quietly creak. My little hope came back with flair, but only to hide back as I heard footsteps coming this way. I pushed the door, leaving a small creak for my (e/c) eye to see through.

My heart began to beat in the same pattern as the heavy footsteps. Every step it took, I heard a groan. The sun pierced through the small creak of the door as the shadow stepped on it. Sebastian came to view, holding a body that I wished to had never saw. I felt myself step back a few inches away from the door. I covered my mouth with my hands, daring not to quiver nor react.

"I would've dated him if he wasn't dead." I heard Franzeska say, her heels tapping the creaky wooden floor. "What makes you say that?" Ask Sebastian. I got the courage as I peeked through the whole again, only seeing Franzeska's back and Dean's back head. Franzeska touched Dean's hair as I heard her chuckle, "He's my type!" she said in a cheery tone.

I opened the door slightly wider as I peep my head out a bit. Sebastian made her go first to open the door but I felt like my ears were covered. their voices were muffled, and the only thing my eyes could focus on was Dean's lifeless body. I bit down on my bottom lip, making myself feel pain rather than sadness. If Dean could see me now, I know he wouldn't like it if he saw me like this.

I looked as I quietly mourn. I balled my hand into a fist, knowing the answer to what happened to him. I looked at Dean's hand as I saw it move, my eyes going wide. Was that my imagination? Or am I just really going insane....who wouldn't be?

I looked at Franzeska as she unlocked the door and about to turn around. I quickly looked away and pulled the door close ever so quietly. I wanted to know, to know if I really am going crazy or not. I pushed my bed back to its original place as I wiped my eyes and fixed my hair. I may have an idea, but I do not know if it would help me.

"Leo!" I yelled, wishing for the first time that he would come. "Leo!" I screamed that wretched bastard's name again. Finally, I heard quick footsteps coming this way as he went inside. His body sways a little bit, giving me a sign that he was terribly drunk.

I got up from the bed as I took his hand. I came closer to him as he leaned close. I put my index finger to his lips and looked at his ocean eyes, "Can you make me a sandwich? I'm awfully hungry...I like mayo." I asked as I back away and sat down. He looked at me and sigh, "Of course, love." he said as he went out of the door.

I sat back down and looked at the shackles. After what felt like seconds, I heard Leo open the door. I look back up immediately and gave him a small smile. Leo held a circular plate with a sandwich on top of it. As he placed the plate of sandwich down I got up, "Can you bring me a tub of mayonnaise? You've put too little, I asked as he stared, "I like mayonnaise." I added. Finally, he moved.

I stared at the piece of sandwich on the plate. I touched the circular plate, stealthily roaming my fingers around its never ending hole. Normal people see this plate as a place of fulfilling your sanctuary. A plate that you could place whatever and eat it, but all I see is a weapon. As I picked up my plate of food, my bubble of thoughts came to burst.

"Here is your mayonnaise, darling." I heard Leo say as he close the door behind him. I put the plate on the desk as he placed the tub of mayonnaise with a spoon. How I wished he would be awfully dumb when drunk. Thank you." I said sternly.

He pulled up a chair and sat down in front of me. Leo watched as I took my plate of sandwich and the tub of mayonnaise. "Can you please hold it for me?" I ask as he agreed, I picked up my plate and screamed. I threw the plate and the tub of mayonnaise at the corner of the room beside the closet as it made a loud crash.

Leo stood up, "(y/n), what happened?" he ask . Leo looked around the room, like a camera waiting for intruders. I saw his hand behind his back pocket, knowing full well that it must be a weapon. I looked back at him and stood up with a frown on my face. "I-I'm sorry Leo...I just..I just saw a big spider and got scared." I replied back, letting out a bit of a sob. Years of getting forced by my mother to attend acting classes finally paid off.

"I-I'll clean this all up!" I said as I quickly went to the corner and kneeled down, hissing as pain struck my right knee. I let out a groan, alarming Leo. He quickly got me up, roughly pulling my arm and so I did. "You're bleeding (y/n)!" he said in a panic. "I'll get you a band-aid right away. Stay here. and don't move." he said as he ran out of the door.

I looked at the glass shard as I handle it, looking at my own reflection. I scowl. I heard footsteps coming this way as I quickly hid the glass under the pillow. I sat down and looked at my knee, blood dripped down but I did not feel pain. I felt numb. I tilt my head a little as I look through the crack of the door. There I saw Sebastian and Franzeska, their voice muffled inside my head. I couldn't care less of what they talk about.

I laid down, closing my eyes as I let my thought drive off on its own sanctuary. "(Y/n), darling?" I heard him spoke my name, I got up and looked back at his ocean eyes. "Please sit down." Leo aske and I did. He opened a metal suitcase, pills, band-aids, alcohol and other stuff were all inside. He picked up a cotton ball and poured alcohol on it, putting the metal case beside me.

He began tending my wound, making me hiss from the stingy sensation. I looked at him. Leo blinks rapidly, trying his best not to fall asleep. He sways a bit side to side, knowing full well he might have drunken himself before getting here. I couldn't help but smile.

"What are you smiling about, (y/n)?" he asks, "Remember that time when you proposed to me?" I ask. He looked up to me and nod his head, proceeding to tend my wound "That was the worst decision I ever made...aside from saying yes to being your girlfriend." I said as I look at the closet. I heard him chuckle "You've said worse." he replied back. "I know." I said looking back, giving him a smirk.

I hissed once again, leaning close. Our head bumped to each other as he looks up, I smiled. He looked at me, deeply into my eyes. I began to lean closer, gripping onto the metal case beside me.

I lift it up and before he could look beside me, I kissed him. As much as I hated it, it had to be done. I lift up the metal case as I hit it on his head. I backed away, hitting him once again. He fell. I stood up and pulled him to the bed, laying him down there.

I took the tub of mayonnaise as I put it all over my feet to my ankle that the shackles hold me in place. I sat down on the bed as I went up to the tip of my toes and squeezed my feet off the shackles, grunting from the metal pressing against my veins with a bit too much pressure. I heard Leo groan as my eyes widen. I pulled once again as it finally freed my feet.

I stood up and turned Leo around and finally saw the knife he hid on his back pocket. I took it with me with my sharp fragment. I heard Leo whisper my name, making me flinch and hit his head with the metal case once again. "Sweet dreams, Leo." I said, running out of the room.

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