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Nesto can be so annoying sometimes... I swear 😂😂

"Babeeee" he whined kissing my stomach and looking up at me with that smile

"Wheeet?" I whined in annoyment


I laughed and he laughed

"Nesto you so damn annoying man" I said

"You like that shit though,"

"Yes PAPI I do" I said kissing his lips

"But on the serious note, I got some to tell you"

"What baby?" I asked as he sat next to me

"I gotta leave for tour" he said

I sat up, "What the fuck yahn mean?"

"I gotta go on tour for a couple weeks. I'll be back, I promise baby"

"When you leaving?"

"In two weeks"

"How come you just now telling me this Ernesto?"

"Becauze, Golden just told me this today"

"Egh, I don't want yahn go" I said laying my head on his chest

"I don't want to go either baby but, I got too. " he said rubbing my arms and kissing the top of my head

"Please tell me you won't be leaving as much when the Baby is born" I said

"Nah, I ain't going no where when the baby born. Won't go back to music until she at least 4 or 5" he stated

I smiled, "Really??"

"Yeah baby! "

"I seen TJ today, he got him a little girlfriend"

He laughed, "Oh shit. Fo real?"

"Yeah she was beautiful too"

"Youngin in the game huh?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I mean he does look just like daddy so..."

"Yeah, You talk to your momma?"

"Yeah, I did. She told me that Vanessa is pregnant"

"What?" He asked

"Yeah, so looks like I got another sibling on the way"

"That's cool, I got that tat finished"

"For real?"

"Yeah" he said

"Let me see"

I sat up and he sat up taking his shirt off!

"Oh papiii!!!"

He laughed and pulled me down on him and I laughed and he kissed my lips

"I love you so much" nesto said

"Love you too"

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