Dirty Niall Horan

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You and Niall were on a plane back to London. The two of you had been on a little vacation and now you couldn’t wait to get back home. Being in a house full of family gave you absolutely no privacy.

The flight was ten hours long and you had been asleep for about 5 hours now. You wake up to a sleeping Niall. His head in your lap and his legs stretched out to the window seat. 

You can’t help but smile at how sweet and innocent he looks. You bring your fingers up to his hair and they glide through a few times. You bring then to the collar of his tee shirt and they glide down to the end where his skin shows, just a little. You lift his shirt a little more, revealing his belly button. You make a line along the trail of hair with your finger. From his belly button just to the edge of his sweat pants. 

The smile on your face immediately turns into a more mischievous grin. You slide your hand down into his sweat pants just before you reach his penis. You slowly play around. Running your fingers over his pubic hairs. 

He stirs in his sleep and you decide to see how far you can go before he wakes up. You pull your hand out and place it on top of his sweats. Slowly, with the tips of your fingers, you rub his penis. Straight to the tip. He only makes a light whimper.

You do it again. This time applying more pressure but still rubbing slowly, back and forth. You’ve gotten into it now, turning yourself on. You don’t even notice Niall waking up. Suddenly you fee a hand on your wrist. You gasp quietly then your eyes meet his. He raises his eyebrow and looks at his growing bulge then back at you.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Just having a little fun.” You grin, devilishly. 

“Stop it.” He says sternly.

This only turns you on more. You know how he gets when he angry. He’ll be rough. Pounding into you hard, wherever he can. He’ll push you against a wall, throw you on the bed. He’ll be in charge and you’ll be left to scream and beg. Just the thought makes you wet.

“Maybe I don’t want too.” You say plainly. And again your hand travels over his bulge. He moans, now sitting up in his seat. This time he grabs your wrist harder. Warning you once more.

“I’m not fucking kidding.” You grin. Proud of the anger your causing to build inside of him. “Stop.”

“No.” You say, attitude evident.

The two of you had been arguing about this the rest of the flight. The things he was going to do to you were unthinkable. As you are nearing home in the cab you begin to touch yourself. Lightly at first, hoping to get Niall’s attention. You could see him fidgeting from the corner of your eye. You slide closer. Leaning into his ear you moan lightly.

“Niall. Oh Niall. I need you. Come on, Niall.” You knew he could hardly contain himself at the sound of his name. He turns his head to the window and not a moment later the cab pulls up in front of your place. Niall gets out extremely fast, not even waiting for you. He’s taken all the bags and gone inside. You follow slowly.

You walk in. Closing the door and turning around. There’s Niall. Right in front of you. You have no escape. His hands are plastered to either side of the door. You don’t fight it. You want him so badly.

“I told you to stop. I warned you. Didn’t I?” You can feel his warm breath just a matter of inches from your face. “DIDN’T I?!” He says a little louder and more stern as his left hand pounds on the door.

“Uh huh.” You mutter. No words escaping your lips.

“You’re gonna get it tonight. I’m going to make you beg and scream for me to stop. I’ll teach you.” You give him an innocent look as if  you don’t know what he’s talking about. He lunges toward you. Kissing you hard. Pulling you into his by your bum. You can feel his hard on against you. You moan at the contact and you can feel him smile as he whispers against your lips.

“Jump.” You get chills but you do as he says wrapping your legs around his waist. You slowly grind your hips into his giving yourself a little pleasure.

“Stop.” He groans as he carries you up the stairs and into the bedroom. He throws you onto the bed roughly. You whimper at the loss of contact. Niall begins to strip and you begin to touch yourself at the loss of contact.

“Don’t fucking do that. I told you not to fucking tease me but you couldn’t control yourself so now we do this my way. 

He crawls on the bed and lays down. You manage to slip off your shirt and pants before he forces your head down onto his waiting erecting. You waist no time. You lick his tip and he groans and immediately pushes you the rest of the way down. 

You bob your head up and down and use your hand to rub what doesn’t fit. You do it slowly and Niall automatically thrusts deeper into your mouth. You gag but continue. You can feel him twitching and you decide to stop and you pull your head off of his penis.

“Who told you to stop?!” He’s annoyed now. You’ve made him more angry. “I’ll fucking teach you.”

He immediately jumps up pushing you down onto the bed forcefully. You whine at his rough touch.

“I’m going to make you beg for me.” He yanks off the remainder of your clothes and  he sends to fingers into you without warning. You wince momentarily at the unexpected force. 

“Am I hurting you?” You can see the grimace on his face. You simply whimper in response. “Good.” He says through a groan.

“Oh Niall. Please. I’m sorry. Please just fuck me please. Oh god!!” You’re nearly screaming now. Unable to mask the pleasure. 

“I’m sorry. I can’t hear you. Say my name.” H grins.

“Niall, Oh  Niall.” You moan out.

“Scream it!!” He yells as he pounds 3 fingers into you causing you to scream out his name.

“Ah FUCK, NIALL!!” He grins and pulls his fingers out of you slowly, sucking them clean.

He crawls over top of you. His dick just at your entrance. You moan at the light tap of his penis against your clit as he leans down kissing you. You can taste yourself against his lips. 

“You want me?” He says in a whisper against your lips.

“Ummmm.” You whine. With that he enters you slowly. Causing you to beg for more.

“Oh please Niall. Harder.” You wrap your legs around his waist and use the heels of your feet to push him into you deeper causing you both to groan. Niall leans his  face down to your breast and begins to kiss and suck on them roughly. One after the other. You reach down and rub your clit as Niall begins to speed up. Soon his thumb takes over rubbing you hard as he fucks you roughly.

“Oh don’t stop. Please. Don’t stop.” Niall begins to grunt and he’s shaking above you, sweat dripping from his forehead down onto your naked chest. Your screaming as he’s fucking you senseless beneath him. 

You can tell he’s close as his thrusts become sloppy. You can feel yourself tightening around him and you yell out his name one last time as you both ride out your orgasms together. He pulls out and collapses on top of you. His penis grazing your now sensitive clit due to the forceful rubbing done by Niall. You wince at the slight pain.

“The next time I say stop, you will do as I say.”

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